Quotes From Stephen Lea Sheppard

Herein is the collected wisdom of Stephen "Stephenls" Lea Sheppard. It is pronounced "Steffen," and he is an internet celebrity who wrote things and developed stuff, including the direction books for the West and Yu-Shan.

Green Exaltations aren't Devil's Bargains: Yozis and the Green Sun Princes who love them
This Is Not A Factory Cathedral: The factory-cathedral that can be seen is not the true factory-cathedral
What Should Lunar Themes Be? An alternate take on Lunars
Stephenls on Samsara
Deathlords Are Overpowered No you see they are supposed to be bad at their jobs
Stop this Channelling Fetiches have panoply Charms and don't need to channel their Yozi anymore
Why the Ebon Dragon is Evil He was not loved as a child
On Competence and Raksi Never eat a baby without a good reason
Sorcery and Sacrifice I choose to sacrifice unnecessarily-punitive interpretations of sorcery mechanics
Who is Outside of Fate? why Infernals but not Abyssals?
Alchemical Reactions what will people think of Alchemicals in Creation?
The Silver Plan what are the Lunar elders thinking?
Cholera Is Bad cholera is bad i have proof
Chasing the Dragon raising your Essence under a vanilla sky
Reaction Not Deconstruction deconstruction the idea that Exalted is a deconstruction
Exalted and Mature Elements a post on Lilluns past and present
Lunars and Cannibalism you are delicious

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