Autochthon's Perfect Creation

I don't believe it was possible at all. You are drawing on a particular line from 1e that has been contradicted from both a technical and thematic standpoint.

The line you remember comes from a book in 1e where they stated that the reason the Incarna didn't want the Exalted to self-perpetuate is because they feared a revolution. I feel this is almost completely erroneous against alternative text in 1e and 2e. Another 1e quote describes the Celestial Exaltation as being too powerful to pass through the blood and this is the one that is supported as being most-true by the text since then. Which is to say, the option was not available to self-perpetuate.

But let's take a look at the grounds of this argument.

As-is, the Exalted they designed were powerful enough to overthrow the Celestial Incarna. I do not believe them so short-sighted as to not realize this. It's been put forward to me by the actual writers of Exalted that a circle of Essence 6 Solars could take out the Unconquered Sun. You had Essence 8+ Solars rolling around at the end of the First Age. The Incarna knew the check they were writing was a dangerous one. Nothing big has ever been won without an equally sizeable risk.

In essence, that piece of text is erroneous because their goal could not have been to prevent a revolution; otherwise they would have never gone through with the Exalted in the first place. The more heavily supported text suggests that the power would have been lessened or thinned by making blood a possible means of transmission. They wanted their Chosen to be perfect, not watered-down the way the Dragon-Blooded are now.

Furthermore, I think it was not the power itself that the Incarna was worried about, so much as their ability to effect the choice of their heroes. In other words, the Celestial Incarna have retained the right to hand-pick their heroes from the very beginning, and that in itself has been the hallmark of their successful continuance. If indeed the power transferred to whoever came out of a Celestial birth, then the choice would be sommat out of their hands.

The unchanging truth is that they designed Celestial Exalted who could still kill them, and while the UCS might have trusted his Solars not to do it, he knew that any one of them could be him; the Maidens would have depended upon it, it especially Saturn; Luna knew that if the moon one day fell to the ground, it would be her children who survived the fall, and so on and so forth.

Autochthon can't make more Celestial Exalted. If he had spare Solar shards sitting around, I promise you there would be Solars in Autochthonia. He can't extract shards from himself and make Exalted becuase he's not a god, and primordial nature differs in this. Otherwise we would have seen a series of Gaia-Celestials. Or Autochthon-Celestials. His only option was to depend on his Alchemicals, which had power and import on a Celestial scale.

You suggest that he chose the Alchemicals because they are of superior design according to his wisdom, but that is unequivocally wrong. His absolute best design remains the Solar Exalted, and he is unable to copy or reproduce anything like them.

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