Green Sun Bullseyes

Nobody is Coming for You

I don't get why no one else seems to acknowledge the fact that the Infernal Exalted would be HATED by everyone outside of Hell.

Because it doesn't follow. Nobody cares if your anima is green. Most Exalts won't even be able to figure out what that signifies until long after they've already formed an opinion of you based on what you're doing with your Hell-given might. The Sidereals are probably going to hate you, but that's going to have as much to do with you being inherently outside of fate as anything else.

Uh, what? There are OCD Exalts who will make damn sure they know what you are.

The average group of Exalts is not going to care. Nobody gives a fuck that you're an Infernal, or an Abyssal. They give a fuck that you're trying to [burn down / protect (underline one)] Chiaroscuro.

Creation is Not Lawful Stupid

Disguising yourself is a tangent. A red herring.

You don't have to. It does not matter. Other Exalts will not care. They fall into three categories.

1) Dynasts. They will try to kill you for being Anathema, regardless.

2) Uninformed Exalted. They will be like 'hey, your powers are weird.' And then will form an opinion based on what you are doing and how you treat them. Later on they may develop misgivings as it becomes apparent that your powers are from Hell, but that is more of a function of you being a creepazoid who makes 'vroom' noises in her sleep and turns people inside-out than an Infernal.

3) Informed Exalted. They will be disinclined to trust you, but. If a living superweapon who can reshape galaxies shows up all like "dude, my bosses, who are the enemies of the world, suck. I want to stick it to them. I want to help Creation," then you are a moron to turn him down. Everyone needs that kind of firepower.

(You're also a moron to trust him implicitly, because anyone who has been around the block a time or two knows that this could easily be a trick, but as an Exalt, the proper response is 'proceed with caution,' not 'augh, it is Chaotic Evil, and as I am Lawful Retarded, I must kill it on sight!')

Oh, and mortals? Mortals care first and foremost about who's protecting them from the rest of the world and making their life better. Creation is not a world of psychotic ideologues, for the most part. It is a world of opportunists.

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