Immortality Vs Nukes

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Paraphrased: "Shouldn't Immortality protect against all mundane damage, including nukes?"

This is my bad. I should have been clearer on this in the rules.

You can assume that an immortal whose player doesn't want them hurt by mundane damage won't be. A level 6 preservation is enough to ensure that a given object can survive the heart of the sun. If that's within the scope of the player's concept of immortality, then a suitable level 6 miracle triggers and the character doesn't burn up or explode.

Getting stomped flat by nukes is for John McClane-style immortals (rare, but intentionally highlighted to make them a bit more common) and for cases where something — e.g., an Auctoritas Magister — helps the nuke get through.*


*I explicitly expect that more than half of the nukes ever deployed against 3e Immortal Powers will be backed by an Auctoritas Magister of some sort.


does [Immortality] include the full protection from enthralling and transformative effects from Elusive?

Immortal includes Elusive.


So how does this work out for Durant while we're on the subject? Similar?

Yes and no!

Durant is a little weaker than it needs to be. You can buy a stronger version for the same 1 point. But a lesser preservation of the Self won't in general prevent a nuke from dealing a Deadly Wound to you, because "I survive nukes" is out of the level 3 scope. It may help you explain why your deadly wound is "ow ow ow OW" instead of "fine mist, reconstituting (status bar)" but it doesn't let you oppose the damage directly.

There is some definite wiggle room on resistance to lower-level mundane damage, particularly if you buy an Uncommon or Uncommon/Comprehensive Utility version. With any lesser preservation, and all else being equal, you'd expect to take at least a Serious wound from an avalanche or tank shell, and at least get painful bruises from semi-auto fire, or a Surface or Serious from charging a machine gun nest. That's a limitation of the level 3 scope. The fact that it's Durant means that you usually get the wounds on the chart, straight up.


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