Joy In Adversity Stance

To remove some confusion, I'm restating some things I said earlier.

Q1: What would you recommend as errata/a house rule? A1: JiAS only triggers on a rolled defense.

This is the recommendation referred to.

Q2: What if you want to fix it without making actual changes? A2: If the attack can't beat the defense chosen, you could argue that the attacker is temporarily "not a threat".

This is the argument some people don't buy.

Q3: Does it need to be fixed? A3: Depends. Holds, disarms, and social attacks won't trigger JiAS. Unblockable attacks work around it. Is that enough? Up to you.

… Wow.

I thought this was going to be an easy question. After looking at Breath-Seizing Technique, it's not.

I have two tests in my head.

* Are you perfectly okay with your friend doing this to you?
* If you're an Eclipse sworn not to hurt someone, can you do this to them?

Joint-Wounding Technique fails both tests outright.\ Breath-Seizing Technique … I think it may only fail test 1.

It sounds unpleasant, and all, but it seems to be explicitly a knockout/subdual technique that doesn't inflict any damage or aftereffects. Choking someone unconscious physically is nasty, dangerous, and hurts like heck, but there's no indication that automatically applies to magical attacks—-you can stunt it as painless, the target gets dizzier and dizzier until she faints, and in fact *causing* pain might require a stunt.

OTOH, if you rule it fails test 2, it definitely trigger JiAS. :)

Nah. They're just ways I think about whether an attack is really meant to harm you.

The Charm rewards surviving serious danger. It's serenity and joy in unserene and horrid times. But because of how it works, it only affects stuff that's dangerous in the instant it gets triggered. It's "whew, close one!" not "whew, that would have been tactically bad."

Joint-Wounding looks like just a different kind of damage to me—-it's physical damage that doesn't happen to use the wound track, much like ripping out someone's muscles and instantly-sealing the wound to reduce their Dex and Strength. If someone's trying to rip out my muscles or shove daggers in my elbows, I'm in danger, even if they're using a Charm that keeps it from doing health levels. If someone's trying to make me feel dizzy, I'm not sure.

It's … I just can't imagine someone shouting, "Don't hurt her! If she's hurt, the world will bleed with her!" followed by a Circlemate calling back, "Okay! I'll just use Joint-Wounding Attack!"

Of course, that's probably why Joint-Wounding does penalties on top of damage, while Breath-Stealing Technique just does penalties. :)

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