Making More Shards

Coming in late to the conversation with a take on the OP's question. My theory is basically that the Alchemicals, being prototype Exalted, were not meant to be fully realized go-the-distance Exalted. Point-blank, they are inferior to the Celestial Exalted, who were meant to do the job Autochthon was designing for. However, what Autochthon had in the Alchemicals was something very powerful anyway, so, not having any Exalted shards, he chose to manufacture more Alchemicals.

The reason why they have to install Charms is because they were models. He was trying to show the Celestial Incarna an example of what their hypothetical Exalted should be like. He built these prototypes out of substances like orichalcum and jade to represent the power-identity he was going for when he perfected later models (the Celestial Exalted etc) but also to show how incredibly physically tough a real Exalt would be in the future.

There were no humans to perform this metaphysical surgery on; they were not about to Exalt humans on a test run and end up with some insanely powerful abominations. So he built his own humans, ultra-tough and synthetic, to represent future-Exalts, and because they were not meant to go the full distance, he gave them installed Charms to represent the Celestial Charms he had no access to (because they had not invented the shards of Exaltation yet, nor were they dealing with human test subjects). In short, he built them as limited-edition examples for what was to come.

It just so happens that his early designs could be further perfected, expanded, and put into extensive use because they're awesome. That's my theory on Autochthon's modus operandi.

Well, being that Autochthon is not one of the Celestial Incarna, he couldn't infuse something with the power of the Celestial Incarna. He needed the Incarna to imbue the shards, or Exaltations if you like that term better, with their power. No, he could not do it alone. He invented the vessel and the process, but that is absolutely meaningless without the proper origin of power. Now, if a primordial had the same nature of gods, then there's no reason why they couldn't, or wouldn't have made up more Celestial Exalted from Autocthon and Gaia then and there. You could argue that it was a political thing and they didn't want to deal all-in, but it wasn't— Gaia and Autochthon dealt all-in with the Dragon-Blooded and the Alchemicals.

Plainly they cannot take their essence and use it to fuel aspected mortal champions. They're not gods. Their nature differs too greatly for the process to contain it. And the vastly different design on the Dragon-Blooded and Alchemicals, and the blatant lack of any other relative Celestial Exalted proves it.

Furthermore, if he could employ more Solar Exalted, or create something equal to them, he would have. If he had more Solar Exaltations in queue, he would have used them. They were his best design. That is the fundamental premise of Exalted. You posit that there was some logical reason why he could bang out more Celestials but didn't because in his wisdom Alchemicals are fundamentally a better choice, but it isn't so. He just couldn't make more Solars. Clearly, he does not have more, and cannot make more without the Unconquered Sun. But does he even need them? The Alchemicals go right up into that range of power and he can influence control on their production.

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