Not The Locust Crusade

I once* saw a person on the old forums mention that they wanted to use Alchemicals in their game, but couldn't because

a) The Locust Crusade was just too disruptive to everything else going on, and

b) Their campaign was in the North so the Autochthonians were too far away.

*This is not actually true. I saw it several times.

This is why I set about to completely erase the Locust Crusade from 2e—not as one of several premade stories, not as the-default-unless-you-change-it, but to just completely get rid of it.

I think this was the only way to save Autochthonia as a fully incorporated element of Exalted, even if it meant losing the best adventure module we ever had.

Daedalus wrote:

I actually totally understand why you did this. Though I find the logic behind it silly, but apparently I am in the minority in that thinking.

No disrespect, but I'm not sure you do. It had nothing to do with the Locust War being a miserable pile of shit—Crusaders of the Machine God, after all, was fabulous. If it were just a matter of the Locust War being rubbish, I'd have rolled the portrayal back toward Time of Tumult and called it good.

No, the issue was that as long as there was this one story here, it gave most people tunnel vision. Every discussion of Alchemicals for a period of around five years revolved around their military prowess vis-a-vis Gem, the Lap, Paragon and An-Teng.

"One of the other seven nations appears somewhere other than that increasingly ludicrous swamp and interacts with the locals in some manner other than open warfare" wasn't even on the radar. I had to kill the Locust Crusade—I had to kill any default scenario—to wrench people back around to a DIY mentality. And for those whose first exposure to Alchemicals was through Second Edition, I wanted them to meet the Autochthonians the same way they did any other setting element—as a bunch of tools to use to tell their own stories.

Hell, look at Keychain of Creation. Lovely, lovely Keychain of Creation—what's the punchline when they run into Autochthonians having built an outpost into a mountain up in the North? "Be careful—we're in house rules country."

It's funny, but it also convinced me I was right—someone as smart as Jukashi should not be thinking of "Autochthonians in the North" as house rules.

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