Persona Versus Domain

The high-Domain Power of Memory is still the aggressive, flashy version. They can reshape your world. They can walk up to you and tell you, "Hey, you, remember when the Red Sox won the world series?" And you *will*. And you'll construct this whole story around it, like, how you thought it was never going to happen, right? But then they were like, down three games to none and suddenly the Curse of the Bambino wavered and they charged back and *won*, and nobody could believe it, and they even featured it on an episode of Lost, and later it happened again. And then they'll laugh and you'll realize that you didn't really remember that happening at all. It was all the fallibility of human memory and reconstruction of the world. And then you'll walk out of your house and onto the primordial veldt and you'll wish you could remember more about the plot of the Philip K. Dick plot that you're apparently suddenly in.

And then one day you lose your sense of self completely in a storm of disorientation and neural noise and you're groping for anything, anything to hang on to, you can't even find your name, and then

in the fields of gray and white shock

the high-Persona Power of Memory is there.

And they're the lifeline that holds you between the present and the past. They're the keeper of everything you had that was precious, and was lost. They're the one who lets you have your loved ones with you, sometimes, even though they're gone. They're the one who reminds you when you forget someone's birthday. They're the one you turned to, just last week, when you couldn't remember if you locked the door, and then, oh, right, the Power of Memory, well, memory, but they're almost the same, aren't they? told you, yes, you had.

And maybe they say, "Would you like to be like that? Would you like to be one of my Memoria, and be a bridge between the present and the past?"

They can do that, they can give you that, they can make you a thing that is like memory, for they are Memory themselves.

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