Primordial Grown-Ups

The original Primordials writeup, I think, is closer to "adults as seen by children" than "non-people."

They seem to be people like you, sort of. But they are also really big, and seem to be obsessed with doing really weird and nonsensical things. Some of these things seem really, really bad. Some of them seem not so bad. If you ask them they will tell you that what they are doing is really important.

When you grow up and understand them, you will either say, "Oh, they were right" or "Oh, those evil bastards," often on a case-by-case basis that has very little to do with how weird their actions were.

More specifically they started out by mapping my own sense of what a person's purposes and needs look like onto alien or hostile action spaces; what if breathing was racing through the world as a silent wind, what if articulating one's ideas of doing the right thing was expanding inwards and casting shell after shell into the void, what if turning over in one's bed was being an endless desert? It's many years later, so this isn't actually what Adorjan, Malfeas, and Cecelyne were, it's just an example.

At least notionally they were pretty bad adults, and in bad shape to boot, but there are always limits on a child's ability to judge and so I aimed for a preponderance of evidence that most of them were bad rather than a certainty that all of them were.

It's possible that they've moved over time away from people-hood, though; lines evolve.

I'll comment on the Fair Folk elsewhere.

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