Secondary Domain Properties

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With Secondary Persona what Estate Properties do you use? Do all your Secondary Personas use the Estate Properties of your Primary Persona or does each Secondary Persona get a set of 7 separate properties?

Every Estate has its own Properties, as Rand says.

You aren't guaranteed design authority over a list of Properties for a secondary Estate, if you want it to be a real Estate-I mean, if your game has Powers of Fire, Water, Earth, and Rock and Roll, and you want your Power of Earth to have Secondary Persona over Fire, the real, actual Fire, you might need to use the Power of Fire's list. Because otherwise your Fire is not the real actual Fire. And the same could also be true with choosing a major NPC's Estate.

But you definitely don't share one list of Properties among multiple Estates. That'd suck! ("Buckets require an innocent victim." "War brightens the hearts of the children of the world." "Cookies bring an end to life.")

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historical note: originally, when I introduced Persona, you had to divide your Property points between Estates. Then I realized how weird this got for cases like the above, and also, that as useful as Properties are for PC effectiveness, they're even more useful for fun games.

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