Solars And Other Splats

If I were to seriously agree with and approach the game from the attitude that the Solars should not beat any other Exalt within those Exalt's themes, the Solars would come away with absolutely nothing they were superior at, except being the Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Fuck that.

The Exalted are the same. They are all one package. Ideally, they work together and compliment each other, perfect in a singular design. Everything the Exalted do amounts to the exact same thing; they all just happen to do everything differently. There isn't a vector for an Exalt's magic that produces an explicitly impossible result for another Exalt except within the Solar Exalted, who are defined by the fact that they are routinely capable of doing things which no one else can. (Technically, there's one— Void Circle Necromancy. But then Abyssals are just mirror Solars.)

The worth of the other Exalted is not defined by being able to obtain better results than the Solar Exalted, because this has never been anyone's thing, or theme. The worth of the other Exalted comes from the fact that they do things differently from the Solars, and from each other. These are storytelling benefits any way you look at them. Being able to hone a theme far outside of perfection, like drawing upon the elements, being the mutable outsider, or weaving the very fabric of fate, is a huge advantage that Solars just do not have. The fact is that the Solars do not need those things, but they do suffer from the lack of them—should you want to play a character who uses a procedure that a Solar can't use. The Exalted all do the same things, they just do these things in different ways.

The other point there, is that not being able to do everything is a big advantage in any angle you approach the game from. Every Exalt except for Solars gleans a lot of their style and play value from the things they can't do. Sidereals and Alchemicals are defined by what they can't do. Autochthonia is such an incredibly amazing setting purely because the Alchemicals don't have the power to easily save it, nevermind that they face far less opposition than the Solars face.

90% of the appeal of Dragon-Blooded is in what they can't do. They are an invaluable resource to Exalted because they can't kick down the walls of the world or single-handedly flatten hundreds of Fair Folk or solo behemoths, and yet they get to be the Princes of the Earth. They get to have as much sex as they want, fight monsters, hunt down artifacts, and stand as the epitome of human spiritual evolution, so that they are kings of all things wherever they go, and Creation is their oyster. They provide an invaluable vantage point for Exalted, and a place from which to scale the game down and really appreciate what it means to be Exalted in a setting you cannot easily or quickly change, in a world where all the problems of existence aren't yours to solve and your main role is to be mighty, have lots of sex, and fight and slay the Anathema and other monsters with your Brotherhood of fellow badasses.

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