Stop This Channelling

Ligier really shouldn't be able to channel Malfeas, though. That fetich-channeling thing was a stopgap because everyone had started assuming that third circle demon are chumps because they use spirit Charms. Unfortunately, it produces conversations like this, where no one is actually interested in discussing Ligier's actual powers because everyone realizes there's no situation in which Ligier might conceivably want to channel Malfeas where Malfeas might refuse him. So Ligier himself is obviated as a character — in any combat situation, he just becomes a proxy-Malfeas.

Which sucks. He should fight with green sun powers, not brass emperor powers. Ligier is too cool for the laws of the universe to make him irrelevant like that.

Really, it's best to assume he can't channel Malfeas but has a writeup somewhat akin to the UCS writeup in Glories.

Holden wrote:

This, a thousand times this.

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