The Etiquette Of Shaping Combat

You can tell if someone is trying to force a real emotional reaction from you with the weight of narrative.


Suppose you're a warrior. And you have a consort, an entertainer. She's your consort because you get something out of it—-she's an ally in your quests, or participates in an Eightfold Ring Binding, or you like playing warrior-and-consort with her, or you've traded Swords to keep your Hearts safe, or whatever.

Then, one day,

She attacks you with the Cup!!!

The proper reaction is: well, duh. She's an entertainer. That's what they do. They try to make you dependent on them. That's how they survive.

First, okay, of course, you defend yourself. I mean, no reason not to.

Second, you do a quick mental inventory. Does she have any reason to be all-out betraying me? Is she going to ravish me to make it harder for me to fight my upcoming enemy, or just take away my Temperance regarding her? If you think she's going to really mess you up, it's time to start planning how to defeat her and get away from her, and figuring out how many people are waiting in the wings to attack you. Abort to "serious battle strategy time."

If you think she's just, you know, pushing the boundaries, then you discourage her. I dunno. Use Sword-shaping or something. Scourging Wind Raid. Put up a story-length Sword combat buff and make her nervous.

This does mean that eventually, if you hang out with her long enough, she'll probably manage to ravish you. And you'll probably vex her a few times. That happens with consorts.

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