The Limited Sidereal Toolkit

In this respect, life as a Sidereal pretty much sucks. Their package for fighting Primordials was:

  • Avoidance Kata
  • Battle Patterns (various)
  • Duck Fate
  • Easily Accepted Proposition Stance
  • Five Ordeals Odyssey
  • Of Horrors Best Unknown
  • Of Things Desired and Feared
  • Of Truths Best Unspoken
  • One Direction Invocation
  • Red Haze
  • Serenity in Blood
  • Storm's Eye Stance
  • Wise Choice
  • World-Shaping Artistic Vision

For dealing with demonic hordes that vastly outpowered them, they also had:

  • Conclusive Wisdom
  • Horrific Wreath (often in a Combo)
  • Many Missiles Bow Technique
  • Riding the Dragon
  • Unweaving Method
  • Violet Bier of Sorrows style

Tactically, it didn't hurt to have:

  • Neighborhood Relocation Scheme

Now, I might have missed one or two things. But, yes, it was horrible and brutal for them. Their Charm set was extremely and remarkably handy in fighting Primordials- I mean, they were pretty obviously worth Exalting -but it was kind of underpowered for hand-to-hand combat against THE EBON DRAGON and SHE WHO LIVES IN HER NAME. In the war, I expect that Sidereals would train intensively for years, direct Dragon-Blooded and advise Solars in a handful of battles, and then for one reason or another they'd have to actually go out and fight, and they would die.

The ones who lived long enough to get to Essence 6 were the stunningly smart ones, the brilliant ones, the cunning ones. They lived up fully to their role as advisors and counselors. They made sure the Solars won again and again. They made enough of a contribution that way that it was *more* heroic for them to say "I'm not here!" when Erembour's horn rang out and the Ebon Dragon's shadow fell over their tent. They didn't need extra Charms. They *wanted* extra Charms, oh yes, and eventually they made secret martial arts styles to satisfy that drive—-but they didn't need them.

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