What Is Destiny For

Destiny is pretty much for playing Nobilis. ^_^

So, OK.

Let's say you're the Power of Magical Marvelous Winged Unicorns. You are ALL ABOUT the magical marvelous winged unicorns.

Wait, no, that's silly.

OK, let's say you're the power of Vanity!

So, here's some questions for you.

Is it vanity when someone who's legitimately doing a better job at life than other people is proud of it? (At that, is there such a thing as somebody who's legitimately doing a better job at life than other people?)

Is vanity still a sin if it's an intrinsic part of something's nature, as it often is with Magical Marvelous Winged Unicorns?

Are you willing to stand up for Vanity when Lucifer, the Imperator of Pride and Persuasion, comes by and says, "Pfeh, vanity is just a mortal swinging at pride and missing"?

Either way, is he right?

Hey, speaking of confrontations with incredibly scary people, your best friend is getting called up by the Locust Court for treason, and you think it's possible that the charges are correct. Do you want to do anything about it?

Is it more important for your servants to flatter you properly or to be competent?

There's a really, really vain girl at a local school whose life is totally falling apart. You wanna help out at all?

Nobilis says: well, it's up to you!

The quest for Personal Destiny says: but don't just rattle off an answer, give it some time in play first. Poke at the questions with a stick.

Projects say: by the way, if you want to fight Lucifer, or the Court, or turn that vain girl into a multi-world-conquering empress (because you thought it'd be funny), and your favorables for doing this through miraculous combat or action are poor, well, you might be able to do it anyway, with some longer-term effort.

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