Yozis Are Bad

As always, Aquillion's arguments are very impressive. I think it is a joke to pretend the Yozis aren't, as individuals, more terrifying and threatening than the entire Solar Deliberative in the throes of the Curse.

Infernals should not be seen as villains. It ultimately does not matter what the Yozis are seen as.

I wasn't speaking to whether or not the Yozis are evil with a capital E. I don't think such a designation actually matters. The Yozis are what they are. There's no moral question. You can see their natures fully described. They are bad in the Webster's dictionary sense, as in, there is nothing good about them (for Creation). To make my point entirely clear:

You would not want a Yozi in your house,
You would not want a Yozi spouse,
You would not want Yozis in your hair;
You do not want Yozis anywhere.

They might be right about some things, but pretending they are "good" is ignoring everything about them.

The Reclamation is a horrible end for Creation. The Yozis are not and will never be good for the world.

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