Raksha Of Jade

For my chapter in MoJ on the Fair Folk, I gave John a bunch of quick, one-liner descriptions for all the NPCs in my chapter, to give him some reference for art notes. I figured you guys might be interested in the descriptions of the various raksha described throughout the chapter.

The Ogre King: A twenty-foot tall raksha, naked except for an ornate crown of spun glass. Skin like gnarled bark. His symbol of authority is his Staff Grace, a massive club with moonsilver spikes driven through it.

The Lord of the Ebon Lash: A raksha whose body is a cloud of dark black smoke, shaped into a vaguely humanoid form. His eyes are points of crackling lightning within the cloud. Carries his sword grace, a long black whip covered in spikes.

Nisil-of-the-Lilies: A beautiful blonde maiden perpetually covered in open, bleeding wounds. Her blood blossoms into hallucinogenic lilies wherever it hits the ground.

Seven-Eyed Heliotrope: From the neck down, this raksha is a beautiful woman. Her head is a bleached, hollow skull, with a miniature star floating at its center. Seven floating eyes orbit her skull.

Archimandrite Perilous: A four-armed raksha of a faintly ape-ish aspect. Dressed in white and gold robes embroidered with the sacred scorpion of the Church of Balor. His Staff Grace is a tall, jeweled miter.

And of course, Glimmering Serpent Princess is illustrated in the book itself. Good art, best raksha.

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