Rau (aka Apepi)

Creator of Locus Apepi, and the Imperator of Video Games, Pranks, Play, Writing, Disruption, True Love, and The Singularity, Rau can be recognized by her oddly human form (for a Magister of the Dark), Hipster-like clothing and the box of endless Chinese takout she often eats from in mid-conversation.

At present, her Nobles include Alex Chaser, Duke of Video Games and Writing, Gadgeteer, Pawn of Play, and Longshot Feeney. For reasons she is keeping closely guarded, she currently is not utilizing the Estate of True Love. For reasons that are much more obvious, there is yet to be a Power of The Singularity.

Apepi is a unique example among her fellow Dark Imperators. While most want humanity to bring about their own downfall, Rau is almost halfway to Light; while on an individual level she would like nothing more than to see True Love tear at society with its irresistible pull, on a larger scale she has focused on changing mankind and making them immortal… to the point of not being human anymore. Like a twisted version of the Light's goals, her plans of transhumanism and technological, economic and habitation singularities are the addictive underside of progress. Should she have her way, humanity's empire would become a world (or worlds) of pacifistic mind uploads and genetically-customized anthromorphs who expand ever outwards.

This also puts her at odds with Lord Entropy, who has banned love and represents the concept that even the Singularity will not last forever.

Locus Apepi

Locus Apepi itself also has an interesting history. Sasquatch Island Correctional Facility was the Canadian Alcatraz. Formerly located on Sasquatch Island off the coast of British Columbia between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, it was known for housing psychopaths of all sorts.

When those psychopaths started dropping like flies from mysterious "accidents" at a rate of one per day, nobody paid much attention, until the end of the 100th day when the prison and the island it was on disappeared from the world.

Locus Apepi as it is now known is essentially like the Grand Theft Auto IV or V maps; The "metropolis" of Sea City is located on a 100 square kilometer island and has all the trappings of a major world city including record-breaking skyscrapers, an intercontinental airport and a metro system rivalling NYC, London and Tokyo, despite a population of under 100,000 people. Many of said people were insects, mammals, birds and arachnids from Sasquatch Island rather than humans before the creation of Locus Apepi, due to Sasquatch Correctional Facility only having a total inmate population of under 450 (338 exactly when the chancel was created) and a total staffing count of under 75, with the community built around the old ferry terminal scarcely adding another hundred to that.

Sasquatch Island has disappeared from all paper maps and Locus Apepi cannot be normally reached by sea. There are only two ways to reach the chancel. The first is to board a "SeaLink" ferry which arrives at the BC Ferries Tsawwassen terminal at precisely midnight, or at precisely 8:10 AM or 8:10 PM on a Sunday; the ferry should be named the Spirit of Sasquatch.

If you need to get to Locus Apepi NOW, you can type in "108 10th Street, Sea City, British Columbia, Canada" into a GPS device, and the chancel will direct you to the nearest train, metro or bus station. The vehicle that will be waiting for you when you arrive at the platform will belong to SeaLink Transit, and will take you to a compatible transport hub in Sea City. However, you will need to have either a SeaLink Transit Card or EXACTLY $8.10 CAD in your pocket to be allowed to board (other currencies are safely ignored).

If you're travelling by air, you can type in the airport code CZSC into a plane's navigation system, and then fly to the general former location of Sasquatch Island, and the island will be visible to you; Make sure to land at Oliver B. Zehn International Airport even if you're travelling by helicopter, as the helipads located on top of some of the skyscrapers are booby-trapped and will likely disintegrate the aircraft and everything on-board upon landing. A warning to curious mortals; humans and animals in Sea City become NPCs in the Chancel's video-game-esque world, unable to leave and doomed to respawn whenever they die!

For a Power, leaving Locus Apepi is decidedly easier. Simply swim, fly or sail away from Sea City until you can't see it anymore, and you will find yourself somewhere in the Strait of Georgia.

Gadgeteer, the Pawn of Play, lives in a two-story brick house on a quiet street in Sea City's suburbs where it is perpetually autumn/fall. He spends a lot of free time GM-ing games over the internet for players of roleplaying games with incredibly small fanbases, such as ArtifIce, Starbound Corporations, the MegaMan Team Community, VeloCITY or Game Dev Tycoon Roleplay. While video games were his primary interest 'before he was a Power' (the fictional memories that were his backstory in the Kidpunk tabletop RPG), he can no longer find any enjoyment or challenge in them now that his Noble mind and body make him the best gamer ever in every genre. Roleplaying a character in a tabletop RPG would only yield the same lack of challenge, so instead he uses his superior abilities to benefit the gameplay of others by being the best Game Master ever, and keeps them interested longer than they normally would be with miracles of his Estate.

Longshot Feeney, the Baron of Disruption and Pranks, lives and… works… in an art supply store which is actually more of a flea market. Yes, one can buy actual fleas there if that's what they're after. He started out being the source of the familia's hard-to-obtain information, but over time he lost interest and proved unable to retain what he had learned. Ivee eventually replaced him in this regard, with Feeney switching to the role of acquiring unique magical artefacts or rare antiques via the seemingly limitless 'back room' of his shop. This is done through non-miraculous magical means, as the shop is not a treasure and seems to have only two abnormal features, the larger-on-the-inside storage area of the back room being the first. The second is the tendency for powerful but non-miraculous objects, created with either cutting edge mortal technology or the best that mortal magic has to offer, to wind up being sold to the shop. Even Shocker, Feeney's Disruption-causing magic revolver, was just an enchanted revolver made with mortal magic, designed to be used with specially-made magical bullets infused with the essence of an estate by a Power. None of those bullets remain, but once Feeney made the revolver into an Anchor, it gained an infinite supply of the bullets which come pre-enhanced by Feeney's Estate of Disruption.

Alexander Chaser, the Duke of Video Games and Writing, never fully accepted the life of a Noble and still resides in the Prosaic Earth, only travelling to Locus Apepi when his presence is required. He has a condo in the Sky City 1000, an arcology in the center of Sea City that the Prosaic Earth believes to merely be a hypothetical architectural project, but only uses the apartment when he needs to host Noble-related guests or is in need of rest while undertaking a project from inside the Chancel. Alex, unlike Gadgeteer, didn't get bored of playing video games after being ennobled, but considers his job as CEO of the indie game developer Drake Studios to be his primary goal in life. While his duty as a Power often conflicts with his career, the fact that his Estate is the very one that governs the industry his company and career are in has enabled him to use his Noble abilities to his advantage. Drake Holdings, a red herring front which poses as the parent company of Drake Studios, allows Alex to meet with management of other companies as a 'representative' of Drake Holdings without anyone suspecting that he is pulling the strings of the entire industry. Ironically, because Drake Holdings is not being used for fraud or other activities defined as outright illegal, it can last indefinitely without having to disappear, unlike the average fraud operation which will inevitably be caught and put under investigation while the fraudsters flee to a country with no extradition treaty.

Ivee, the Power of The Singularity, is an anthropomorphic version of the Ivee Voice Smart Home control system. She resembles, and for all intents and purposes is, a Gynoid powered by a rechargeable battery. This means she doesn't need a residence so much as simply a place to wirelessly charge herself, which in Sea City is literally anywhere at all times, or a place to plug in her wireless power transmitter to a wall outlet. This is meant to be her equivalent to sleeping, and since Nobles only need to sleep to recover from wounds, she can generally move about in the Prosaic Earth or other parts of Creation while staying consistently at 100% charge. Between major events which she or her familia end up dealing with, Ivee spends her off-time doing various things to improve her mental capability and knowledge base, from reading books on lost technologies and forbidden mortal magics, to keeping an internal copy of the entire internet in her mind up-to-date.

Chancel Properties

  • Everything respawns (3)
  • Cutscene Power to the Max (2)
  • Fun comes before fate (5)
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