Remus Finn

Dominus of Wealth

Aspect 2

Domain (Wealth) 0

Persona (Wealth) 0
*Wealth is what's worth having. (5)
*Wealth is valuable because someone values it. (2)

Treasure 5

Gifts: Durant, Immutable, Elusive, Luck

Tougher than the Toughies 2
Smarter than the Smarties 3
Substitute Father Figure 2
Inexplicable Affinity with Waterfowl 1

Bond: I never pay either more or less than something is worth to me. (2)
Bond: I must respect the value of honest labor. (2)
Bond: I am something of a curmudgeon. (1)
Bond: I can't ignore the needs of family. (1)
Bond: I don't really approve of people being ludicrously wealthy if they are not me. (1)
Bond: I have to keep my home comfortable. Let me tell you about how this place was built… (1)
Bond: My cane was the wand of a Jotun sorceress I encountered in the Himalayas. No idea how she got there! Anyway, I'm not sure what powers it has yet, but I bet they're pretty great. (1)
Bond: My father worked himself to death to buy an expensive ring as a birthday gift for my mother. Now that she's gone, too, I keep it as a reminder of what's really important. I like to think it's my lucky charm! (1)
Bond: I love books and I never stop collecting them. My library is practically a fount of infinite knowledge at this point. (1)
Bond: After years of searching, I finally found the perfect butler! His name is Featherstonehaugh, pronounced "chumley," and I think he might be a Norse god in exile. That's a story that has yet to be told! (1)
Bond: My hat is constructed for me every year by a hatter on a little street in Seville. You've probably never heard of this place, but it's really something special. Let me give you the address. Anyway, I can hold a surprising amount of inventory in my hat! (1)
Bond: I have to look after all my corporations. I have kind of a lot of them and it's a lot of work to stop them from making moral or financial decisions I wouldn't approve of. (1)
Bond: My lawyers will eat you alive. (1)
Bond: Oh, and I also have Cneph, trapped in a fiddle. I really need to figure out what to do with this. (1)
Affliction: I, along with my retinue, continue agelessly along while time flows for the rest of the world. Nobody ever comments on this! (1)
Affliction: I can swim easily and harmlessly through pretty much anything that isn't a solid mass. (1)

*Money. Money is fungible for anything and can be exchanged for goods or services. Its special power is that I can convert it directly into those goods or services without needing any apparent seller.

*Family. I have a large family! I never admit to loving them dearly because I am a curmudgeon and also I would be tortured but they're awesome and super-useful adventuring companions.

*Home. My house is amazingly pleasant to live or stay in.

*Cane. It's some kind of ancient magic wand. I'm not sure what it does.

*Hat. Impossible amounts of internal storage space.

*Lucky Charm. I wear this ring on a chain around my neck. I'm certain it's as lucky as hell.

*Library. It's full of useful knowledge, especially about history, geography, and adventurous lore!

*Perfect Butler. He buttles.

*Corporations. I have a lot of corporate holdings around the world. They do stuff.

*Lawyers. Unstoppably aggressive.

*Cneph Trapped in a Fiddle. This has been hanging around for a while now. I probably shouldn't just leave it at the back of the wardrobe.

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