Rene On


The stuff Al-Agrefyyn makes is all very cool. You can tell he really cares about them, too - I mean, he's the Power of Art, not the Power of Craft. I'd really love to be able to do what he does. I wouldn't want to be trapped in a flask, though. I really don't know how he deals with that. He seems to just accept it, which is a little unnerving from my perspective.


I don't understand why we let Azatha stay in the chancel and let her share in our secrets. We know that we can't trust her, but we put our trust in her anyway. It's not that I want to kick her out! I know, somehow, that accepting her is the right decision. But I don't understand it. As for her herself, well, she is a bit creepy. I think she's actually pretty nice, but it's hard to have a light chat with everyone when every time they open their mouth you see a reminder that they're partially an enemy of everything that exists.


It's hard to wrap my head around how old Clio is, and I know a girl who grew up in the Neolithic. Also, apparently since I met her, that means that she was somehow involved in my life before. I'm not sure how, though - I don't remember seeing her before. I don't think I can really understand her, not yet, anyway. She's still pretty nice, though, and an endless source of interesting information. History is fascinating.


Obviously, Lance is a great guy. I guess that it didn't have to be that way - the Power of Heroes being a cowardly bastard is the sort of thing that sometimes happens. But Lance fits his domain like a glove, and I'm glad he's by our side. That said, it's kind of hard for me to relate to him. I think he's the closest there is to a normal adult in our Familia, and that makes it awkward to hang out with him as equals.


The thing about Milo is, Milo is awesome. But anyone whose been to one of his shows knows that. The music he makes is incredible, and I'm not just talking about the miraculous stuff. I've seen him perform on Earth, with no tools a normal DJ wouldn't have, and it was still amazing. And he's a fun guy to be around, too. Really cool, loves to party, but not in the kind of way that gets out of hand. And it sort of seems like we could have been friends even without the whole Nobilis thing. He does get kind of intense sometimes, talking about the whole 'Music of the Spheres' thing. I still don't really understand it.


Vona has the right approach to being a Power. She uses her abilities to accomplish big, cool things, without loosing touch with her humanity. Sure, she steals a lot, but I can't exactly pretend that everything in my collection comes with a notarized bill of sale. Lately, she's been acting kind of protective towards me, sort of like we were a regular kid and a regular adult. It's… kinda nice, to have a little bit of normal life like that, as long as she doesn't take it too far. But don't tell her I said that.

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