Rene Tadjo

René Tadjo, Saint of Shade, Dominus Penumbra
*'Umbra' is probably a better Latin translation of 'shade', but I figure the noble of Shadow is probably already using it.

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3 CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0 CP
1 … Shelters things
1 … Is mild
1 … Is most potent when opposed most strongly
1 … Is spread about
1 … Vanishes when it's no longer needed
1 … Is refreshing
1 … Gradually moves, grows, and shrinks
Persona 4 5 PMP 12 CP
Treasure 3 5 TMP 9 CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I want to find cool things (4)
*This isn't just about his collection; it's about discovering awesome people, places, things, and experiences.
Passion: I want to enjoy life (2)
Skill: Identification (2)
Cool (1)
Shine (6)

Bonds and Afflictions (16)

Bond: I collect cool things (3)
Bond: I'm sorta-not-really worshiped by a mystery cult. (2)
Bond: I won't let the world become a less interesting place (2)
Bond: Æsterkr always has my back. (1)
Bond: I have a crush on Anaiu, which makes me uncomfortable for several reasons (1)
Bond: I'm still friends with Wira, even though he's much older than me now (1)
Bond: I love hanging out with Sehwol (1)
Affliction: I'm a teenager, with all that entails (2)
Affliction: I stumble across interesting items and situations (2)
((1 held in reserve))


Immutable (1)
*This is kind of the 'Shade shelters' property in effect on him.


Some fifteen-year-olds look like not-quite-finished adults. Others pretty much still look like kids. René is in that awkward in-between phase, the epitome of puberty, maybe a bit on the undeveloped side. He's a little under five and a half feet tall, with a lanky build. His skin is dark, his hair short, dark and curly. His eyes are actually gray, a curious result of his ennoblement. He tends to wear clothes that would seem a bit strange on earth, at least for someone of his age, but not outright bizarre - say, a very loose white silk shirt, with a pair of tight leather pants.



Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when something endangers Shade
1 Create some shade that doesn't protect very well against heatstroke
2 Find the nearest shade in an area, try to convince a tree's shadow to get bigger
3 Make the shade on the west side of a building stick around all day
4 Create shade either from nowhere or by creating a reasonable source, make the shade cover his friends and avoid his enemies
5 Remove shade from an area, learn about anything that happened in the shade

Persona Miracle Chart

0 Recognize people in need of shade, or the powers of Shadows and Sunlight
1 Make someone a bit more refreshing to be around, remove a bit of shade from someone's life
2 Spend a scene as shade somewhere
3 Shelter someone or something from the harshness of the world, gradually grow, disappear when no longer needed
4 Turn someone into some shade, make a building gradually move, make gravity in a room most potent when opposed most strongly
5 Make the shadow of a tree no longer shade, make a house no longer shelter what's in it, spend a scene as the shade of the hundred tallest buildings on Earth
6 Make someone always feel the need for shade, shelter a whole city
7 Make an entire army disappear when no longer needed, make a hurricane mild
8 Make a forest no longer gradually grow or shrink, make the people in a building no longer spread about but instead concentrated in one place
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