Rhys Bellamant

Dominus Fide, Faith's-Knight, Friend to the World

Aspect 4 (Celestial) 5 Aspect miracle points.
Domain 0 (Pawn) 5 Domain miracle points.
Realm 0 (Citizen) 5 Realm miracle points.
Spirit 3 (Sunfire) 5 Spirit miracle points.

Glorious (inspires worshipful love and devotion)

Restriction: May not lie.
Restriction: Painfully naïve.
Virtue: Confident
Virtue: Loyal
Affiliation: Code of the Angels

"You've betrayed seven masters and led each one to their deaths, and yet you expect me to accept your service? I'm impressed by your courage… Okay, sure." -Rhys Bellamant, Faith's-Knight

Mortals, being weak and uncertain of their place in the world, are frequently unable to live up to their ideals. In his human life, Rhys was aware that the world was broken, corrupt, and full of suffering, but it seemed impossible that he could do anything to change it in the face of so much apathy. He spent his time doing nothing, letting his talents go to waste and failing to live up to his potential. When he was chosen to become the Power of Faith, that changed. Ascension to Nobility gave Rhys an unshakable well of confidence and certainty. Now, he's changing the world one step at a time, and utilizing powers that are light-years above what he had before.

Rhys inspires crowds as a political activist, writes novels that fill the hearts of millions with appreciation for beauty, and steps in as a substitute teacher to show young people to love learning. Rhys flits from place to place like a butterfly, applying a Noble's ability like a hammerstroke to each place he lights on, making the world a better, more beautiful place. To him, everything is in the small stuff, because there is no small stuff- everyone is important and valuable. That belief is the source of his power and miraculous nature, and it is both his strength and his weakness.

Rhys's belief in others motivates him to action, but it also leads him to trust those who cannot be trusted and to open himself up to being betrayed and hurt. Rhys is terribly, terribly naïve. He knows this. He accepts it. He chooses to trust always, and absolutely, and to take whatever pain comes of it. He has faith that this will make him stronger.

In appearance, Rhys is tall, broad-shouldered, and boyishly handsome, with classical features, fair hair, and blue eyes. If Michaelangelo's David went out for the football team and wore an impish grin, it would look a lot like Rhys. He likes to wear largely white ensembles when he can get away with it, and favors various forms of gold ornamentation. He is friendly and good-tempered, although it is sometimes difficult to get him to change his mind.

The Estate of Faith governs confidence, trust, and belief. Rhys's Design contains seven blossoms of Allspice forming a circle around a giant Sunflower.

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