Rosa d'Addio

"Eh? What? Yes, child, I shall be killing you. But first I have my dessert to finish. Trust me when I say, there is no escape, so, eat your ice cream while you can, yes?"

The Cammora has a reputation for ugly brutality. Rosa d'Addio does not entirely fit in with that image. She is an Italian woman in her mid- to late thirties, with extravagantly-styled hair and ever-increasing middle, and a loud, deep laugh. Her hobbies include shopping for expensive clothes and experiments in gourmandism, and she has no interest in the nasty office politics that so many of the other high-ups seem to be so into. Rosa has, however, earned every bit of her high rank and influence in the Cammora, and the reason is that Rosa d'Addio is quite possibly the most selfish human being on the planet. A psychiatrist might use words like 'sociopathy,' but technical terms are unlikely to be satisfactory to the little girl that Rosa tortured for a week straight last year.

Rosa didn't do it because she enjoys hurting people. She did it because she heard that some people enjoyed hurting other people, and she wanted to see what it was like. She made a very thorough exploration of every form of sadism she could think of before finally deciding that it 'wasn't her thing.' Then she had the little girl sent to the hospital, with her compliments, and went out to dinner.

Ms. d'Addio's primary function in the Cammora is as a manager and negotiator to the Nobilis, a field in which the same qualities that make her detestable as a human being make her exemplary as a go-between for the Sovereigns of Earth and the shadowy leadership of the Vermgericht. She is the designated 'handler' for a few Chancels based in Europe, but may be found anywhere on the planet when one of the work crews under her supervision is called on for some special job.

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