Roy Brannigan

Mean Everything to Nothing

Roy Brannigan
Saint of Lightning
Song of the Light

Roy’s a big guy. Well over six foot and keeps in shape, though perhaps not as much as he should since he has the beginnings of a beer gut that could get out of hand pretty quickly. When he considers himself on the job, which is most of the time, he wears a second hand suit. He generally loses the tie if he can get away with it.

He’s always clean shaven, and has a small, faded scar on the left side of his jaw. He keeps his sand-blond hair cut short, but doesn’t usually bother with gel or combing, most of the time you can count on him to be wearing a hat and coat and carrying a gun.


Passions and skills:
Shine 3
Cool 2
Passion: “Down the mean streets a man must walk who is not himself mean.” 4
Skill: Detective 2

Bonds and Afflictions:
Affliction: It is my nature to save people. (2)
Affliction: Those whose lives I touch become the heroes and saints of this world. (1)
Affliction: My name is poison to the damned and the fallen. (1)
Bond: I put right what once went wrong. (5)
Bond: (Normal Anchor) I am a detective and I’ve got the badge to prove it. (2)
Bond: (Normal Anchor) I have an affinity for cities. (2)
Bond: (Normal Anchor) Everyone whose existence has been uplifted by the estate of lightning is part of its church. (1)
Bond: (Normal Anchor) Detectives Hannigan and Flannigan are my comrades. (1)
Bond: (Normal Anchor) My sister Sophie worries about me. (1)
Bond: (Wondrous Anchor) I receive messages from an unknown source in the future that guide me in my quest. (1)
Bond: (Wondrous Anchor) I have a magic gun that shoots divine judgement. (1)

Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 0 (5 DMP)
Persona 3 (5 PMP)
Secondary Persona (Hardboiled Detectives) 1
Treasure 5 (5 TMP)

Properties of the estate of “Lightning”:

  • (2) Lightning flows in arcs of electrical current.
  • (2) Lightning takes the most direct route, with unstoppable force.
  • (1) Lightning symbolises inspiration and invention.
  • (1) Lightning is to divinity as crowns are to kings.
  • (1) Lightning throws order and chaos out of balance.

Properties of the estate of “Hardboiled Detectives”:

  • (2) Hardboiled detectives solve mysteries.
  • (2) Hardboiled detectives walk the mean streets, but are not themselves mean.
  • (1) Hardboiled detectives have a rough wit, and a bottomless supply of cynicism.
  • (1) Hardboiled detectives may break the law, but have got to have a code.
  • (1) A hardboiled detective must be a common man and yet an unusual man.

Lifepath generation:

Keys: Star of Bethlehem. Hollyhock.

  • Before anything else my character is something cool. (He’s a detective. Detectives are cool. Strengthens shadow of Hollyhock.)
  • My Estate is from the light side of the world, and is something you can describe. (Both strengthen the heart of the Star of Bethlehem. Which makes sense as his primary relation to his estate is that he has been charged by the both Heaven and the LAPD with bringing the murderer of the previous power of lightning to justice.)
  • My character lived a humble life… (Strengthens shadow of Hollyhock.)
  • …and is caught up in the transformation. (Roy doesn’t really know what being the power of lightning is, and suspects he really should have been the power of justice, or law, or mysteries, or judgement. It will take time for him to find his place as the power of Lightning. Strengthens the heart of the Hollyhock.)
  • My first contact is an inspirational family member. (My character’s sister worries about him. She’s a nice girl, studying graphic design. It’s possible the influence of my estate has empowered her to become some kind of conspiracy nut super-hacker. Strengthens shadow of Star of Bethlehem.)
  • My second contact is a Noble Friend or Enemy. (Contact may not even be a noble, someone or something either from the future or with oracular knowledge is sending my character messages of guidance. They can come via text message, email, phone, letter or through all sorts of weird ways. Roy has no idea who they are or what they want. Just one more mystery. Strengthens shadow of the Star of Bethlehem.)
  • My third contacts are mortal friends. (Hannigan and Flannigan provide support and keep me grounded in the prosaic world… or am I dragging them into the Mythic World? Either way it helps to have company. Strengthens shadow of Hollyhock.)
  • My character is affiliated with the Song of the Light. (Heaven is unquestionably good, but its demands weigh heavy and ultimately Roy is an incidental vessel for heaven’s grace. The Light assigns an inherent value to humans and is more willing to compromise, for better or worse. Strengthens heart of the Star of Bethlehem.)
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