Rust, Rider of Famine, Dominus Fames

Aspect # # AMP #CP
Domain # # DMP #CP
# Empties the world of sustenance.
# Drains the substance of life.
# Drives its victims to madness.
# Provokes extinction… or evolution.
# Gives the world a chance to heal.
# Is inevitable.
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Passion and Skills

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Skill: … (#)
Cool (#)
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Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: My chassis is immutable iron. (3)
Affliction: I am the shieldwall of the apocalypse. (3)
Bond: …
Bond: All that I touch withers away. (4)


Paramount Strength (1 CP)

Soul-Piercing Bullet (1 CP)

Active Immortality (6 CPs)
Rust's body and soul are complex pieces of miraculous magi-tech, but the two most prevalent components are timeless nonexistence hammered into shape by a Strategist's ingenuity, and an indestructible, metallic manifestation of the concept of Neglect, for which he is named.

World-Breaker's Hand (15 CPs)
This was included in Rust's design in part as a defense mechanism, and also to aid him in destroying environments.

Starvation Engine (5 CPs)
Rust was designed to convert garden worlds to wastelands by absorbing life and sustenance directly from the world and using it to power the movement of his limbs in the most inefficient way possible. When he became the Rider of Famine, the package included a comprehensive upgrade. Rust can perform greater emulations of Famine reflexively, switching between six-point afflictions as the situation demands. With these modules, Rust can make the greenest world into something hostile to life.

Suffocation Modus: "I empty the world of sustenance." This ability is closest to his original function. Rust's presence rapidly draws nutrients from the soil, water from the vegetation, and breathable substances from the air in a scene. The details will vary depending on what "sustenance" means- in a world of methane-breathers for whom oxygen is toxic waste, this will leave more oxygen in the air and less methane. Anything that needs to breathe and eat will quickly suffocate and starve to death in his presence, and both more or less at the same rate.

Vacuum Modus: "I drain the substance of life." Rust can tear someone's life out of them with a touch, drinking it into himself and gaining their knowledge, experiences, and strength, along with a significant, hard-to-digest chunk of their personality and self-identity that takes time to fade away.

Nyarlathotep Modus: "I drive my victims to madness." With this Rust becomes a Famine of the mind and soul, the sight of him becoming the equivalent of decades of total isolation and sensory deprivation. The madness he induces is typically violent in nature, if not in consequent. Extreme, uncontrollable fits of emotion, terrifying or infuriating hallucinations, whatever it is, it tends to push its host toward sudden and irreversible action.

Nuclear Modus: "I provoke extinction… or evolution." The Extinction Event Module causes living things to simply die off in his presence, except for the few things which are selected without rhyme or reason by the miracle to be changed into things that can, if only barely, survive the sort of deprivation Famine brings. The things they turn into tend to be hideous and mutated in appearance, and violent in behavior. These are the waste-dwellers, that altered class of life or pseudo-life which thrives in Famine. Rust is very suspicious of this module, not completely trusting that what it does is really a natural extension of his estate.

Redistribution Modus: "I give the world a chance to heal." Rust has learned an important thing about the estate of Famine and the primary reason it can't destroy a world all on its own. Famine is what happens when the land is overburdened, choked to death by its dependents, it can do nothing but let them die… and from its ashes, restore itself, so a new crop can be planted. Now, Rust releases some of the pure sustenance and life he's vacuumed up over the years, and radiates a healing light.

Lockdown Protocol: "I am inevitable." Famine is the natural trend of the universe, according to Prosaic astronomers. Energy, they say, is being stretched thinner and thinner throughout the space of the universe as it expands. More mundanely, so long as there is such a thing as scarcity, nothing requiring life and energy is truly sustainable, not indefinitely. The earth will lose its heat and matter to radiations and bombardment. Before that, the sun will collapse under its own weight. (That may or may not be the true destiny of the universe, but it is what is built into the nature of the estate to bring about.) Famine can be postponed, but not indefinitely, and so it is with Rust when he activates his Lockdown Protocol and applies this property of his estate to himself. This is rarely used, because by most standards, Rust is already indestructible, but this brings his structural integrity up to the point where he can survive a direct hit from the Black Omen's Annihilation Array without injury.*
*Just barely. With a six-point auctoritas and the difficulty six-equivalent gift of Active Immortality, his defense becomes precisely equal to the Array's offense.

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