Ryan Sherbrig

Dominus Nitorus, Baronet of Radiance, Tempest of the Fire Isles, Emperor Beyond

Player: SlyBen

Aspect 1 (Metahuman), 5 AMPs
Domain 0 (Pawn), 5 DMPs
Realm 5 (Tempest), 5 RMPs
Spirit 0 (Candleflame), 6 SMPs

High Summoning 5 (Emperor Beyond)

Immortal (shifts into Elemental form automatically to avoid harm)
Comprehensive Shapeshifting (When going elemental, can reform his body in other shapes)
Eyes of Light (Major creation floating-eye spirits through which he can see)

Restriction: Clearly visible even in darkness (from Imperator)
Restriction: Glows in response to attempted injury
Restriction: Glows when changing shape.
Limit: Imperfect Knowledge (+1 SMP)
Affiliation: Code of the Light (with Fervent Imperator)
Virtue: Dedicated to the Light


  • the quest to reclaim Eden for humanity and the Light (5)
  • the sanctity of the Fire Isles (5)
  • his Siblings Caelestis (4)
  • his reputation as a skilled High Summoner (3)
  • his various personal projects (2)
  • the sanctity of his Estate (1)

Spare Character Points: 2

Design: The flowers of Duty and Refulgence, with the traditional background of the Light more pronounced than normal (the caduceus larger and more elaborate in relation to the flowers, the contrast between the gray background and the white raindrop pattern a bit greater, and so on)

Ryan Sherbrig was possessed, almost defined, early in his life by a deep and profound fear of the inevitability of his demise. It was this fear which drove him to the occult, where he didn't find the answers that he was looking for (at least, at a price he was willing to pay) but he did discover he had an uncanny aptitude for sorcery, including the art of High Summoning. In time, pursuit of mastering this art distracted him from the awareness of his own mortality, although it still nagged at him in the back of his head.

The Phoenix, when enChancelling herself, saw an opportunity in him. High Summoning would give her access to resources not common amongst her enemies in the Dark, and she sensed that, if Ryan were gifted with the boon of immortality, his self-preservation instincts might be sublimated into a powerful drive to preserve all humanity. In this, she was right: Ryan Commenced with dedication to the Light written into the very core of his being. However, his lifetime of dabbling with otherworldly forces compromised his ability to work the normal miracles of Domain and Self. The Phoenix granted him more than significant authority in the Chancel to compensate, and he has learned to make good use of these abilities on top of his now even more formidable High Summoning prowess.

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