Samar, Baron of Story, Dominus Historia

Aspect 3 5 AMP 9CP
Domain 1 5 DMP 3CP
1 …provides escape
2 …preserves what it tells
1 …establishes character
1 …grows in the retelling
2 …has a plot.
Persona 1 5 PMP 3CP
Treasure 3 5 TMP 9CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Protect my tribe (1)
Skill: Melee Weaponry(1)
Skill: Superior Strength (2)
Skill Superior Running (2)
Cool (0+3)
Shine (1+1)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I want to hear everyone's story (3)
Affliction: While my story stays the same, I can't be changed (3)
Bond: The Spear of the Rock (don't ask) can pierce all things (3)
Affliction: I talk to characters in story, and they talk back. (1)
Bond: I am the first legendary hero. (1)
Bond: I will guard my new tribe. (2)
Bond: The Gaiman society protects my story, and I strengthen them in turn. (2)




Samar has shifted into the styles of modern beauty, mixed with what paleo dieters seem to think cavemen looked like, though he hasn't ever been able to figure out why standards change the way they do. He keeps his brown eyes and dark skin as measure of pride.


As a being literally born in a story Samar has both a real past and a fictional past. And to Samar both really happened. As a story Samar was the hero of his people, their tribe had ever produced, but before that he was just an idea, just something one of the women began to say one night, there in the glow of the cave fires. She made him attractive, she made him strong, she made him quick. He never missed on a hunt, could throw his spear further than any man could see, soon through time and retelling he fathered the people who listened to the story, passed on his strength. It's complete crap of course, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Try not to pick at that too much, it makes him moody.

Since becoming a Noble Samar has tacitly witnessed much of history, seeking out the best stories from the major events, and skipping over bits that seemed repetitive. The hundred years war got really unwatchable after awhile. If Samar has entered the prosaic with a large bag, he is likely off to a second hand book store. Samar has otherwise stayed out of the prosaic world, finding it's lack of spirits and magic as strange as most feel the other way around. He's heard a lot of stories from a lot of Nobles and not a few Excrucians. Good ones.


The Spear of the Rock is almost exactly what you're thinking. A sharp rock(Obsidian to be specific) tied to a shaft. It looks like something from prehistory, because that's exactly what it is. It is also near indestructible, as sharp today as the day it was first assembled, and can pierce anything. Anything meaning flack jacket and personal armor, to tank armor and cave walls, to doubts, hopes, and dreams. It always seems to be conveniently near by after it has been thrown at something nasty.

The Gaiman Society is a literacy advocacy group, sponsors of new playwrights and performers, and generally a group of the wealthy patting themselves on the back for being such good people. It's also a cult that believes it's core member are those that can trace themselves to the tribe of Samar. They believe that this is why some of them can make the spells and potions of the old legends work, and Samar continues to let them. They guard his story and one another, and use their magics for the good of others. Or themselves. Whatever feels right at the time.

Life Path

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when something endangers Story
1 Provide a bare bones story idea
2 Know the script to any movie
3 Make a story a bestseller
4 Make an idea into a summer blockbuster
5 Make people forget the details of a story, make something boring
6 Ask Story for advice, help. Make Star Wars on par with Shakespeare
7 Create a literal never ending story
8 Eliminate all fan fiction
9 ?

Persona Miracle Chart

0 Recognize story tellers
1 Add or remove a bit of drama from people's lives
2 Live in any story being told
3 Grow when people talk about me
4 Turn events into stories
5 Twilight is no longer a story, merely a collection of words
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