Samar On

Samar On

Mafdet is (unavoidably) a mystery to him. Not the being a cat part, that he gets. But the whole idea of animals being bred for domestication without any benefit other than the tenuous label of "companionship." When she's a huge jungle beast is when Samar finds her most normal

Luke- Samar was surprised to find out the Power of the Moon was a man, the moon being a women in his life story. Sometimes he is happy for Luke to be around, because it means there is probably something to throw his spear through. On the other hand, how is Samar ever to keep track of all the stories when Luke keeps creating new monsters and stories to be had. And in the back of Samar's mind is judgement for Luke's destruction of his own people.

Inle - Samar knows a taste of not knowing consequence for his deeds, but that was a very long time ago. This is hardly the first time they've met, here in this place of lost and traded Nobels, though Samar wouldn't say they're friends, merely colleges who have seen a lot of time pass them by. He is slightly jealous of his relationship with the power of life, knowing the only women he'll ever love is literally inaccessible.

Mademoiselle- All that magic she does is cool, and the masks and feathers remind him of the old celebrations, albeit with less sex. Samar is starting to wonder if he crafts a good enough story, could the Mademoiselle perform it?

Phillip- Samar can't fathom at all how people ever pay others to do their arguing, and he hates every moment of this story. The polite sheen sends an uncomfortable oily feeling down Samar's back, and he makes no bones about his feelings. He doesn't particularly fear being eaten, one because that would be a really small suspect pool, and two because the spear isn't just for show.

Krr'zzmizsh- Samar finds this sibling the easiest to get along with. They both have very strange genesis, questions about the very beginning they can't answer. Krr always comes back with an interesting new tale, though Samar still doesn't get why he finds earth so interesting.

Kal- Samar has nothing against Kal, but prefers to keep his distance. Violence is his general stock in trade, and around Kal that just doesn't fly. He occasionally ask Kal for help with locating certain hard to find books, but considers that slightly cheating.

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