Sandbox Hearts, Part Five

HollyhockGod: Okay, so who got back first, Alan, or Edith? Edith, I guess, since she left first.

HollyhockGod: How exactly is Alan going to explain what went on? I'll let you two play out that scene together.

Edith: I'd have got back quite a bit earlier

Sarck: would Viktor be there?

Alan: He'll probably be arriving on the dock while all the people are unloading all that wonderful pirate treasure.

Alan: Alan that is.

HollyhockGod: If you would like for him to be.

Sarck: nevermind Viktor, I suppose any anger Alan has towards him can be played out later.

Sarck: I just thought perhaps someone should inform him of his folly

HollyhockGod: So, where is Edith, then.

Edith: Chancel library looking for a way to get communications in the Chancel?

Edith: It sucks not having them.

Edith: On a ladder too

Edith: When a character enters a library, the person they're looking for is always on a ladder.

HollyhockGod: You'll wait for him to come to you, then?

Edith: I don't see why not.

HollyhockGod: So, Alan, I guess the initiative lies with you.

Alan: Well now, granted no one really gets in the way or happens to cross paths with Alan, he'll be looking for a solution to his problem with the help of the books from his local library.

* Alan inserts a thumbs up somewhere at the end.

BlackLiger: …. heh

BlackLiger: too much for me, I thought you said you were inserting your thumb IN your end

TheAntiPiro: Afk for a minute while I go drop the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if you know what I mean.

BlackLiger: yay, timetravel

HollyhockGod: So, I guess the two will meet in the library whenever TAP returns.

HollyhockGod: Edith, about having communications inside the Chancel.

HollyhockGod: You'd need a)modernish technology and b) some kind of permanent electronic link between the outside and the inside.

HollyhockGod: The one is not so hard to arrange; the other is also simple but it means opening another doorway leading in and out that you'll have to keep tabs on.

Edith: We have the bridge (if it doesn't fall down)

HollyhockGod: It isn't so much the bridge as you have to have wires going through some portal somewhere.

HollyhockGod: I'm not exactly sure how the water portals are secued.

HollyhockGod: *secured.

HollyhockGod: How do they work?

Edith: I would have thought the bridge ended in a portal

Edith: Um, probably people with telescopes on the island

Edith: With miraculous warning flares

HollyhockGod: I mean, how do you open the portals?

HollyhockGod: What stops Jack Excrucian from waltzing right in?

HollyhockGod: A magic word? A secret sign? A specific miracle? Can only the Powers of Raemiel open the gate?

Edith: I was thinking of a quick ritual to open them up, but the last one sounds saner

Edith: Yes, much saner

HollyhockGod: I guess when visitors come through, you have to tell them to open.

HollyhockGod: But there's probably a way to jimmy them open.

HollyhockGod: Starting with the Gatemaker Gift.

Edith: A miraculous crowbar

Edith: Oh what has the world come to?

TheAntiPiro: You fool, BFP is an excrucian spy.

TheAntiPiro: You've given him access to us all.

Edith: Who's BFP?

HollyhockGod: First, he'll need a miraculous crowbar.

TheAntiPiro: Who knows. I'm just breaking the fourth wall here.

TheAntiPiro: Or was it the fifth?

HollyhockGod: Maybe they have those at Wal-Mart.

HollyhockGod: Fourth.

TheAntiPiro: Extra dimensions are too extra.

HollyhockGod: Either way, so, you meet Edith in the library.

HollyhockGod: And you say:

Edith: "Oh, hello. Just give me a moment."

* Edith reaches the book she was looking for and climbs down

Alan: Alan looks positively deli- no he doesn't. "Catching up on your reading?"

Edith: "Yes, trying to find a way to let the mortals know what's going on without a town crier. That thing with the dragon could have caused a panic."

Alan: Alan looks a bit confused, or maybe that's surprised. "What thing with the dragon?"

Edith: "The hole in the sky? The chanelfolk tittering on the verge of panic? Remember?"

Edith: "Damn showoff gatemaker."

OShuva: (dammit, that gift has another name)

HollyhockGod: Gatemaker or Worldwalker would both have worked in that case.

OShuva: (Ah, okay)

Alan: "Oh, right." (I so got myself lost but I'll play along) "Well, just tell them it was merely a test to see how they would hold up incase of a real emergency, then tell them they did splendidly. I'm pretty sure they'd believe you, after all."

Edith: "I've no doubt they would. But that's all after the fact."

Edith: "I mean, we probably ought to let the mortals know something so that when anything at all happens they don't kill themselves in the stampede."

Alan: "True enough." Alan seems a bit off perhaps. "Ah, I came here to ask you something, if you have the time."

Edith: "Oh?"

* Edith is standing there, hands behind back, head tilted to one side, smiling slightly

Alan: "I'm in need of a small favor. Just a slight one. If anything, it'll help take some of the minds off of recent troubles."

Edith: "You want some of the chancelfolk? What for?"

Alan: Alan was a bit adverse to the correct guess, but he figured by a lack of action on Edith's part that she wasn't psychic or she'd have read something else none too polite. "I'll admit that my initial attempts to handle granting a few heart's desires…weren't so successful."

Alan: "So with a little help, perhaps I could find one within reason here in the chancel to grant." A bit in the open and it killed his initiative, but time was a wasting.

Edith: "Oh. That."

* Edith starts to move towards the door.

Edith: "You've left it a bit late, haven't you?"

Edith: Major Divination of Realm for really, really small hearts desires

Alan: "Just a little bit." Alan would in turn follow her.

Alan: (Divine something fast, I just got a phone call that needed me to be gone ten minutes ago.)

Alan: (Funny how coincidence is.)

HollyhockGod: Hm, something small?

HollyhockGod: Or just convenient.

Edith: Convenient, small as in not requiring much effort on our part

Edith: Also a lesser creation of a jar to catch the wind in.

HollyhockGod: Hm, the closest person whose heart's desire you can gratify with a single miracle is…

HollyhockGod: Um…

HollyhockGod: that bootboy from the first Thursday.

TheAntiPiro: (Watermelon and fried chicken?)

HollyhockGod: He still wishes he was some kind of awesome, confident hero-guy.

HollyhockGod: (If he wanted chicken, he could get it himself.)

TheAntiPiro: (Not the fried leg of super mega ultra chicken!)

Edith: We'll go to him, then.

HollyhockGod: (Too many of those and your heart and it's desires will be drowned in cholesterol.)

HollyhockGod: Okay, I guess he's still shining boots.

HollyhockGod: What was his name?

TheAntiPiro: (Ok, seriously gotta go)

TheAntiPiro: (Hate to do it)

HollyhockGod: That's fine.

* Panzeh has left #forum-nobilis.

TheAntiPiro: (later tonight or tomorrow then)

HollyhockGod: Edith, you want to finish grabbing the wind, then?

Edith: Might as well.

HollyhockGod: Should be simple at this point.

HollyhockGod: I'll say his name is Luke or something similar.

Edith: I think I'll grant him awesomeness, conficence and the potential to become a hero-guy, I don't want to eat his childhood.

HollyhockGod: So, a Lesser Change? Are you planning to give him some kind of powers?

HollyhockGod: You can do that plus throw in all sorts of creations and preservations.

Edith: Yeah, a lesser change of awesomeness

HollyhockGod: Could you be more specific?

Edith: Make him, I don't know, making him about as monk/cowboy-seque (strong, fast, smart) as some of the best monk/cowboys were at his age

Edith: And, of course, the potential and determination to become better

HollyhockGod: All right, we'll give him a magical transformation sequence as he's filled with BURNING JUSTICE or whatever, bulging muscles a bit, maybe a new outfit.

Edith: I'm ready with the miraculous jar.

HollyhockGod: You should probably appear now and tell him what it is you actually want him to do with his new powers. I guess you're the mentor figure here.

HollyhockGod: Otherwise he'll just think he's been sniffing too much boot polish.

Edith: Yeah, I'll turn up and tell him in my stammering tone that he's the mortal representation of burning justice in the chancel, I think

HollyhockGod: Hello, mascot character.

Edith: But he has to work at it and be dedicated inside and grow into that role, that's why he's not seven foot tall just yet.

HollyhockGod: Luke, who really needs some kind of code name but let's not encourage him, leaps onto the table, grabbing both your hands in his, and swears to do as you have commissioned, great lady, etc.

HollyhockGod: I'd get the bottle ready, and switch to mythic-view.

Edith: I switch into mythic view, and use a major divination to check it worked properly.

Edith: I also tell him that the thanks should come from me.

Edith: Defender of burning justice or whatever.

HollyhockGod: Careful, or he'll fall for you, arrested development or not~

HollyhockGod: And, yes, there's some mystical whatever coming off of him now.

HollyhockGod: Is it pink? I guess it's pink.

Edith: I scoop the pinkness with the jar. If that doesn't work I use a lesser preservation and then scoop again.

Edith: The jar should do it innately though.

HollyhockGod: Yeah, the wind naturally gravitates into the jar.

HollyhockGod: Most kids would find your random scooping of invisible things odd, but I think they've come to expect this from you.

Edith: "Wheee!"

HollyhockGod: Luke experimentally tries to lift the table in one hand. This doesn't work, because of gravity.

HollyhockGod: But he does manage to lift one end of the thing off the ground before it snaps.

Edith: I'll grab a training place with a sensei for him and shove it in the chancel somewhere

HollyhockGod: Now I guess it's up to you to figure out what to do with him.

HollyhockGod: But you got the last piece of the list you wanted.

HollyhockGod: Anything else you want to do?

Edith: Not until TAP comes back, no.

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