Original OOC Post

  • Fuschia & Carmine Elweyer - Vocals; two sirens picked up from the Elweyer Gentlefish Club (unrelated but they sometimes work out in the mortal realm under these assumed names). You can tell them apart because Carmine has purple scales and Fuscia has red scales. They're call girls with a passion for call and response song structure.
  • Niles Harker - Drums, percussion; octopus, naturally. Heir to the 'eight-sticks technique' as mortals call it.
  • Brik Rok - Bass guitar; one doesn't question Brik. Brik 'lays it down'. His birth certificate is "1/2 killer whale, 1/2 narwhal, 1/2 polar bear".
  • Vixen - Rhythm guitar; may or may not be the actual rhythm guitar or a parasitic deep sea larva that nests in the rhythm guitar. They just keep the guitar case locked.
  • Wendy Dame - Keyboard, undersea pyrotechnics; human naval lieutenant lost at sea but discovered shortly after the last keyboardist died in a freak sports-car/submarine-related accident just before a show.
  • Tifon Leer - Lead guitar, for which Aspect does wonders; moonlights as Power of Society. Sometimes trades spots with the other instruments, likes to bang on drums.
  • Arthur Merrow - Reluctant stage manager and damage control. Also, chaffeur. LAPD alone has at least five Jaguars impounded so they don't let anyone else drive.
  • Other Familia members - Open invite. Canaan used to do that thing with the gong and thunder but I think he was heavily bribed.
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