Seven Colors Lukas

Seven-Color Lukas

Twilight Caste of the Solar Exalted

High Concept: Ysyr slave-turned-flamboyant couturier swordsman who hides in excess and revelry
Secondary Concepts: Strong resonance with First Age artifice, puzzle solver, trauma survivor, sometimes possessed by echoes of previous incarnation

Anima: A golden peacock whose wings and tail blaze with prismatic fire

Defining Principle: Friendship is easy; trust is hard
Defining Principle: I will never be a slave again
Major Principle: Wine, men, and song
Major Principle: Beauty is good; grace is better; style is the best of all.
Major Principle: Yes, I want to play a game
Minor Principle: I’m going to look good doing it.
Minor Principle: It’s not bribery—it’s generosity!

Defining Tie: People Who Need Me (Obligation)
Defining Tie: Puzzles, Riddles, and Mysteries (Almost Sexual Excitement)
Major Tie: Ysyr (My Awful Home)
Major Tie: Slaves (Compassion)
Major Tie: Fashion (Devotion)
Minor Tie: Tight Spaces (Claustrophobia)
Minor Tie: Sorcerers (Loathing)
Minor Tie: The First Age (Curiosity)
Major Tie: Elesha (Cahoots)

Vital Statistics

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 2
Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3
Perception 2, Intelligence 4, Wits 5

Craft: Fashion 5 [Supernal]
Craft: Architecture 3
Craft: Artifacts 3
Lore 5 [Caste]
Occult 4 [Caste]
Investigation 5 [Caste] (I Fucking Love Libraries +1)
Integrity 3 [Caste] (Back the Fuck Off My Mind +1)
Melee 5 [Favored] (Fighting with Finesse +1)
Performance 4 [Favored]
Athletics 1 [Favored]
Socialize 2 [Favored]
Stealth 5 [Favored]
Linguistics 1
Awareness 1(Traps and Ambushes +1)

Willpower 5/5

Essence 1
— Personal 13/13
— Peripheral 28/28
— Committed: 5 (The Forgotten Blade)

Health Levels

[ ] -0
[ ][ ] -1
[ ][ ] -2
[ ] -4
[ ] Inc

Artifact 5 - The Forgotten Blade
A slender blade of indeterminate length and style, Lukas retrieved it from the depths of the Howling Garden during his escape, and is only now beginning to understand its nature.

Resources 3 - Thriving Business
As the mind behind a number of Palanquin’s fashions—sartorial and otherwise—Lukas is a tastemaker well situated to leverage the latest crazy into silver dinars.

Influence 1 - Palanquin Fashionables
Despite his success, the upper echelons of Palanquin society are only now taking notice of their newest rising star.

Manse 3 - Love in Idleness
A pleasure-garden hidden in a hollow within one of the great statues of Palanquin, this Lunar-aspected sanctum produces a Key to the Dream Palace.


Craft Charms

Brass Scales Falling
Red Anvils Ringing
Chains Fall Away
Peerless Paragon of Craft
Supreme Perfection of Craft
Thousand-Forge Hands
Craftsman Needs No Tools
Flawless Handiwork Method
Bright Forging Prana

Investigation Charms

Crafty Observation Technique

Melee Charms

Excellent Strike
Dipping Swallow Defense
Bulwark Stance

Stealth Charms

Easily-Overlooked Presence Method

Evocations of the Forgotten Blade

Faceless Warrior Method

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