Dominus Umbra, Master of Hidden Things, Lord Shadows

Aspect 0 (1/5 AMPs)
Domain 5 (4/8 DMPs)
Realm 0 (1/5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (1/5 SMPs)

Teleportation, (Limited version)
Avoid Detection,
Chancel's Admiral, (Common version)

Manifestation: Can't hurt things that don't have any shadows (+1 DMP)
Disabled: Amnesia (+2 DMP)
Restriction: Can't enter a home which can't have any shadows
Restriction: Doesn't have a name, only a title
Revelatory Trait: Eyes are completely black, though he can see perfectly fine from them anyway
Affiliation: Code of the Serpents

  1. Respect Life
  2. An Oath Sworn by the Ash is Binding
  3. Be at Peace

Affiliation (Cold Imperator)

  1. Be strong in Adversity
  2. Be Wise in Decision
  3. In Action, be Elegance Itself


Sanctity of his Estate (6)
His friend/ally, the Lady of Death (5)
The Safety of his Family and Imperator (4)
His ability to follow his Code (3)
Safety of his Chancel (2)

The Design he has is a pair of black open Acacia, with cross-shaped petals on a Serpentine background.

The Estate of Shadows concerns itself with Darkness, Hidden Things as well as Fear, in addition to actual physical shadows of course.

He looks like a standard young man from a modern western country, though when at formal gatherings he prefers more traditional clothing compared to his average "working clothes". He's got brown hair, stopping before it falls over his completely black eyes. He enjoys wearing an admiral's hat, and is usually not seen without it when commanding his Obsidian Fleet, an organization within the Chancel dedicated to protecting all he holds dear.

When he gained his Noble powers, he lost all his memories about the time before that, his Imperator apparently feeling that it was better to just remove this from her new servant. With no real connection to his old life, he developed a strong and solid connection to his own Estate, cherishing it deeply, above and beyond anything else. He also developed a need to keep the friends he would gain, and thus proved himself immensely loyal in all ways.

Now, he runs one of the largest organizations within the Chancel, the Obsidian Fleet, drilling them alongside CICADA in order to let them behave properly in face of a conflict.

Beyond that, at a chance encounter with a Warmain-Shard, he met up with the Lady of Death, a Regal with command over the Estate which bring an ultimate end to all things. Together they annihilated the Shard, and thus it was that the Lord of Shadows gained a friend.

He's also quietly decided not to mention Gaiman in front of her, if he can avoid it.

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