Koliel was the voice of God. When Lucifer could not find Cneph, he went to her, for she was always in contact with the First Will. Pride, the highest thing in Heaven, was always resentful that he had to do this, for when He was gone, it meant that he was somewhere higher than Heaven, and Pride was the highest created thing. But not once through the ages was it ever suggested that he resented her. Indeed, today it is whispered among the angels that one of them seduced the other, to tear the world apart, among the devils, that one renounced the lie of Cneph only out of love for the other.

Bath Kol was the first high priestess. It was she who mediated conflict even before there was Compromise. It was she, Luna, who tempted the weary to rest and the young to love, before there was Sin. It was she, Generosity Repaid, who drank in the blood of the desert-dweller's lamb, and gave him protection in exchange. It was her singing voice you heard, and went mad to, when you stared too long at the heavenly bodies. It was she who sold a certain thing to Harumaph to keep the cold ones away. Above all, it was she who crafted names for the nameless, she who made Things out of Parts.

Cannibalism once was as heavenly as she. Echoes of it remains in Heaven, if you look carefully, but they have lost their original nature and become something tame by comparison. It was she who went throughout the world and ate all the excessive, unwanted, and broken things on the Ash, those things without proper places of their own, and made homes for them as parts of herself. It is said by some that this is why she could be tempted, even with the voice of God in her head, because she poisoned her soul with foulness. It is said as proof the world is wicked, that an archangel who feasted upon it would be ruptured before she could consume it all.

Shekoliel is bereaved. She is as broken as any Devil- and yet to this day none but she is certain why. There are many things that hurt her, that broke her apart, but we have never been sure which of these things it was that made her change her name. Was it because she caught the voice of Cneph in a lie, and knew it to be traitor or impostor? Was it because she knew Lucifer would never love another more dearly than himself? Most of us think it was something more. Most of us think the thing she sold to nothing was more precious to her even than it was to us.

Shekoliel ate the cherubs at the gate, to clear the way down for her Lover when he fell. She hid. A sphinx, it is said, sheltered her in a riddle, when half of Heaven hunted her. A wanderer, we know, brought her in his company, and none would meet her when she did not wish to be met. A storyteller told her tale, and in that story she traveled, between the tongues and ears of they who sought her out.

When the light-bearer's wings were struck, and he began to fall into the Nothing of the world, she spat out the horrible, broken things she had made a part of her, and made a web, a net, a place of final rest. It may have been the first gift ever given by one lover to another. These days we call it Hell, the bowl of the Weirding Wall.

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