Shekoliel's Project And Destiny Tracker


How We Replaced Shekoliel's Lost Estate

How We Harassed Sariel Until She Decided to Join Our Familia

  • Victory: Denied Sariel Her 28th Attempt to Capture Inle (5)
  • Trivial Victory: Saddled Her With a Tragic Bowler Hat-Angel Forbidden Romance (2)


How I Solved the Mystery of Genseric Dace
Primary Avatar: Mafdet

How I Gained the World Breaker's Hand
Primary Avatar: Inle

How I Became Even Richer
Primary Avatar: Kal

How I Made the Mir the Standard Monetary System
Primary Avatar Kal

  • Trivial Victory: Collecting Leverage Against Philip (2)

How I assembled The Great Library of Story
Primary Avatar: Samar

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