Showstopper, Dominus Impossibilis

Aspect 5 5 AMP 15CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
The Impossible
1 …defines what you cannot do.
1 …exalts you when accepted.
1 …crushes you when struggled against.
1 …protects from hubris.
1 …can't bend nor break.
1 …is an absolute law of existence.
1 …stands and shall not move.
Persona 3 5 PMP 9CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Superior Bureaucrat 2 - You have a knack to see through over-complicated systems and organisational structures
Superior Shark-Head 3 - You have the head of a shark - shark-senses, an endless supply of teeth and can breath underwater
Obstacle 3 - You are really good at getting in other people's way
Cool 5 - You are a god among men, nothing can faze you
Shine 3 - Your presence inspires those around you to great deeds

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: Animals and impossible beings inexplicably love me. (3)
Affliction: Nobody takes me or my Estate seriously. (2)
Bond: I must reward those who accept their limits. (2)
Bond: My Shark-Head has a life of it's own sometimes. (1)
Bond: I support my Familia, no matter how insane things get. (1)
Bond: I am a vigilante who fights hubris. (3)
Bond: I take care of the Impossible Menagerie. (1)


The Impossible Menagerie
An assortment of strange creatures that live on Chancel Luna, mostly impossible and Frankenstein-esque beings created through acts of hubris or small creates from the Lands Beyond.


Soul-Cutting Sword


A man in a suit, with the head of a shark


The being now known as Showstopper was once a serious and dutiful Noble, until a tragic accident… no, no, who am I kidding. Yes, this guy was trying to take his job at least a little bit seriously, but soon enough he saw how Creation really works and the sad truth was… the Power of The Impossible is nothing but a joke. Possibility is just an annoying formality to Nobles, Excrucians and Imperators and sometimes even the Mortals get cocky.
Showstopper hated it, so he hid his identity behind a Luchadore mask and became a Renegade, throwing a wrench into everyone's plans, no matter if Excrucian, Imperator or Noble, purely out of spite. He'll show them. There are limits and you'll learn to respect them!
He worked with the Locust Court and especially the Power of Law in the past, but soon enough he realized that the law is impotent and he has to take matters into his own hands. At one point he broke the laws of the Nobilis with the wrong crowd around and Lord Entropy sentenced him to a good old beheading - and carried out the sentence right there, by blasting his head into nothingness, together with his mortal name and much of his past life. He grafted the nearest replacement - the head of great white shark - onto his body and became a vigilante, always fighting acts of hubris from the shadows, taking on the name of Showstopper.

Life Path

Honeysuckle (Key IX)
Key of Something, Finally, at Rest

My New Life
- former bureaucrat who finally had enough

My Old Life
- The Bureaucracy of Impossibilities failed… some grudges remain
- As mortal, everything was still right. There were things impossible for me
- The Power of Law: We worked together in the past, now things are complicated…

Water Lily (Key XIV)
Key of Something Spiritual

My Retreat
- masked vigilante
- I punish those who commit hubris
- Showing them their limits, for their own good
- The Impossible Menagerie: Strange creatures that no one else will take care of
- My song sings of limits you cannot overcome and it will make you strong

- My duties as a Power

(New Circle from both Hearts)
My Own Way of Life
- I will not succumb to the sick, corrupt Noble society

More than Anything I am…
Epic, Inhuman and Powerful

I am the border you cannot pass, your limit, the wall that you cannot beat. Or, at least, I should be. But my Estate is in tatters. Everyone is making fun of it, ignoring it, laughing it of. "Impossible? Oh come on… I am a lord or lady of this world!"

Bullshit, I say. Just let them bask in their hubris, but one day… oh, one day, I will come for them.

My Estate is from…
the Beautiful Side of the World

Impossibility is… well, to say it simply, it is order. It is a clear limit. It divides the world into this that can - and can not - be done. It gives context to your experience.

But they just don't see it. That's why it's my job, I guess. I have to show them their limits, so they can appreciate the highs they do reach all the more.

My Estate is…
Something You Can Describe.

The Impossible is, essentially, an invisible barrier. I think that's why it didn't work, doing it the right way. Making clear rules, working with the Law… no, it didn't work.

Even most of the Council did ignore my rules. My Bureaucracy of Impossibilities broke apart.

I Lived a…
Blessed Life.

My life as a mortal was amazing. I was a successful businessman and later politician. I made mistakes, sure, but in the end… I think I did well. I did it right. I had a happy life.

There were things that I couldn't accomplish, but… even that felt right. I had no regrets. I tried to take this Power thing seriously. But that's another story…

Legacy of my Blessed Life…
My Way of Life

I can't succumb, I mustn't… I don't want to get washed away in this net of corruption, hedonism and petty grudges that is the Society of Flowers. I made it back then without selling out, I will do so again.
My principles hold, even if have to kick Entropy's ass out of the Council personally.

Contact: Noble Friend or Enemy
The Power of Law was the only one who was on my side, back then… but now I'm a vigilante. There is some… tension between us to say the least.

Contact: Ward
A menagerie of impossible creatures, collected from acts of Hubris I couldn't stop. They love me and I must protect them.

Affiliation: My Own Song
I follow a song of my own design. There must be a limit. There must be Impossiblities. There must be things you cannot achieve. Failing is important, it makes you stronger. It is a song that will sound through all of Creation once my work is done.

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