Stranger than Life

(Lesser Change of "the quality that makes things real" [6], hard miracle [-3], global [+1], limited use [-2], uncommon [+1], 3 CP total)

Vesper Ianni, the Word's-Regal, claims dominion over all the unreal characters who dwell in the worlds of fiction. He can also add to or subtract from their ranks as he pleases. This Gift transforms a fictional entity into a real, physical being, or strips a genuine thing of its reality and traps it within a work of fiction. History changes to suit the new state of affairs retroactively; if Vesper causes Sherlock Holmes to be real, all the Sherlock Holmes books will disappear or change to be about Dr. Watson or Professor Challenger, and Sherlock Holmes will be remembered by everyone worldwide as a genuine famous detective living in London, either in the present or in the early 1900s. Similarly, if Vesper strips a traitorous servant of his reality, no other mortal will remember him (unless they have read the relevant book).

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