-2 PMP for Nameless Shadow evil twin business
-1 TMP for NS Good World training
+1 PMP for thinking that we were hiring Ordina to do security.


Sweetie was a good dog, but now he's the best dog! Sweetie was a comfort dog without a lot of formal training. He helped ease the suffering of dying people in the hospital, and there he learned how friendship could save lives, and how intolerable suffering can be. He wanted to scare away all the people who made other people hurt, but the Code of the Good Dog prevented him from ever taking action. He dreamed of one day being able to chase pain down like a squirrel, only unlike a squirrel, following his instincts to kill it wouldn't make him a bad dog. It would make him a good dog!

Then one day he got his wish. Meon decided to empower Sweetie to Desecrate a world of evil with love! That's what Sweetie assumes, at least. Meon didn't actually say anything, but Sweetie knows he's a Good Guy. Now Sweetie is able to literally hunt Evil with none of the confusing restrictions brought by operating in the human world. He is at home fighting Evil, and has caused a great deal of trouble in the Evil World. Most notably, he has learned to wield the power of Love, created a Good World within the Evil World which subverts its properties, formed a pack of redeemed nimblejacks.

Because of Sweetie's success, Gerhard Staunton was contracted by the Cammora to keep Sweetie occupied with projects outside the chancel. Sweetie doesn't mind because he needs a master in order to effectively act on Earth, and having a master to please allows him to reassure himself that he is a Good Dog. Even on Earth Sweetie finds and protects the targets of the Evil World, but he also pursues lesser, unrelated evils.

Estate: Things of the Evil World

The means of entering and exiting the Evil World are not given. I like the idea that you leave the Evil World through the intent to hunt, and return by offering the bounty of a hunt to the Evil World (does not have to be material or from the original hunt). If you have an intended target you will exit somewhere in the vicinity of the target, but the Evil World will choose a target and a location for you if you have none. When you return, you return to the vicinity or the place you will offer the bounty to, or to the place which will process the bounty. The Good World works on the same principles, but different intent. It is my duty to hunt the evil within Gerhard Staunton, so I easily and frequently appear by his side when leaving the Evil World. With my powers it is trivial for me to get a hunting bounty and return to the Good World, though it is harder if I am in an isolated place.

The Evil World Things of the Evil World Subversion in the Good World Trapped into Good
We want what we cannot have. Must hunger for what it cannot have. Must hunger for perfect benevolence must choose between goodness and self loathing
We are prey to false impressions. Are driven to present impressions as fact. Are driven to present positive impressions as fact must be confronted by their deeds
The truth is darker than you know. Are driven to reveal the hidden darkness in things. Are driven to make you choose between Good and Despair by confronting you with the malice hidden within you. Are driven to choose goodness and rejoice
Joktan laughs at you. Cannot escape Scornful laughter. Cannot rest because of Scornful taunts. Are driven to renounce their old self and undergo radical transformation
Nothing lasts forever. Are driven to ensure that nothing lasts forever. Are driven to bring an end to Evil Cannot abide themselves until they change
The worst is yet to come Are driven to become more dangerous than what you have already faced Are more dangerous than the evil you have already faced Cannot escape judgement

Examples from the Evil World:

  • Nimblejacks
  • Ogres
  • Human Servants
  • Various lesser evils which will eventually disappear if they have no prey
  • Other Evil analogues of mundane people and places?
  • The hungry malice that hunts
  • The evils that trap you
  • Things of the Good World (due to lots of Persona miracles)
  • Those Trapped into the Evil World's Evil or hunted by the Evil World

Examples from Earth

Things of heartless hunting cruelty. Can hunt for anything, but must regularly and directly cause unnecessary suffering to others. Must be incapable of remorse for these actions unless they undergo fundamental changes.

  • Things of extreme heartless hunting cruelty
  • People hunted by the Evil World or Trapped into Evil by Nimblejacks
  • People hunted by the Good World or Trapped into Goodness by my Nimblejacks
  • Some ghosts demons, and haunted dolls
  • Ebeneezer Scrooge (heartlessly and cruelly hunts money)
  • The part of people which urges them towards heartless hunting cruelty.

Character Sheet


Aspect: 0
Domain: 0
Persona: 5
Treasure: 3


  • I'll save you from yourself (3)
  • I hunt evil (3) (Anchor: Pack of Redeemed Nimblejacks)
  • Friendship can get you through your darkest times (2) (Anchor: Aura of Compassion)
  • I follow the Code of the Good Dog (2)
  • I am sometimes confounded by complex social situations and seemingly trivial obstacles (1)
  • I am a Desecration of the Evil World (1) (Anchor: The Good World)
  • Nothing is beyond redemption (1)


  • For whatever reason, I act with Meon's blessing. I, the Good World, and those under my care are relatively unmolested in the Evil World. (1)
  • I am trusted and loved (2)

Skills / Passions

  • Shine (5)
  • Passion: We should be best friends! (4)
  • Hunter (2)
  • Superior quality: Dog (2)


1 CP: Divination of Evil. Lesser Divination of Things of the Evil World (2) Simple (-1) Global (+1) Flexible (-1). I can understand the heartless hunting cruelty of anyone local to me or anyone I know (on the same world as me or in the Evil World). I commonly use it to:

  • keep tabs on Evil things that I am hunting and know when, where, and how it will strike
  • understand the heartless hunting cruel things a person has done and how to get them to renounce them
  • judge people by how strong the heartless hunting cruel voice inside them is
  • know how to prepare people to confront the heartless hunting cruel voice inside of them by understanding how it has power over them
  • check up on the Good World, learn of the weaknesses in the Evil World which could be exploited.
  • transportation: Find an Evil Thing about to invade the place I want to go to, attack it, and use the gateway to Earth it created. Find the closest invasion point on Earth, attack the invaders, and use their gateway to get to the Evil World.
  • Smell the area for evil

Example Miracle Charts


  • 0 - Sight
    • Things visiting the Earth from the Evil World
    • Things of extreme heartless hunting cruelty
    • People targeted by or fighting against the above
  • 1 - Blessing / Curse
  • 2 - Lesser Incarnation
    • Walk with a one thing of the Evil World or thing of heartless hunting cruelty.
    • I often pair this with a lesser sacrifice so while I retain a connection to these things, the connection does not make me in any way evil. Instead I obsess over stopping them / protecting their targets.
    • A Nimblejack
    • A denizen who will be leaving the Evil World to hunt
    • Lord Entropy's stenographer
    • Something from the Good World
    • Someone who is Trapped into Evil or hunted by a Nimblejack
    • A demon, haunted house, serial killer, etc.
  • 3 - Lesser Emulation
  • 4 - Lesser Enchantment
    • Make the scene take place in the Evil World or the Good World, fading it to an equivalent place in there
  • 5 - Lesser Sacrifice
    • Make someone less malicious, interested in hunting, etc.
    • Make someone no longer a servant of Lord Entropy
    • Wipe away the hidden darkness in something
    • Make something (driven to) last forever
    • Create the perfect poker face (impressions are as far from fact as possible)
    • Prevent anyone from laughing (scornfully) at something
    • Make someone perfectly satisfied with their current situation.
    • Make someone no longer hunted by the Evil World, close and jam shut the gateway from the Evil World to that person.
    • Make the scene no longer take place in the Evil World, fading it to some equivalent place on Earth.
  • 5 - Greater Incarnation
    • Walk with a large portion of the Evil World or things of heartless hunting cruelty.
    • I often pair this with a lesser sacrifice so while I retain a connection to these things, the connection does not make me in any way evil. Instead I obsess over stopping them / protecting their targets. I often identify targets with a greater incarnation and include a lesser incarnation so I can choose just one instance to focus on.
    • All Nimblejacks that are close to embracing beauty, love, or justice.
    • All denizens who will be leaving the Evil World to hunt
    • Lord Entropy's court
    • Everything in the Good World
    • All Earthly Demons tormenting people for fun
    • The dozen most important creatures from the Evil World visiting other chancels (strike needed)
  • 6 - Lesser Binding
  • 6 - Greater Emulation
  • 7 - Greater Enchantment
  • 8 - Greater Sacrifice
  • 9 - Greater Binding


Anchor Pack of Redeemed Nimblejacks Good World Aura of Compassion Magic Vest
Bond I hunt evil I am a desecration of the Evil World Friendship can get you through your darkest times I follow the code of the Good Dog
Description A pack of nimblejacks who I have caused to embrace love, beauty, and/or judgement. Their imaginary estate is 'Trapped into Good' rather than 'Trapped into Evil'. This did not kill them, but they do burn. A part of the Evil World that subverts the properties of the Evil World to instead pursue Good. It is a safe place which nurtures positive ideals and intent through revelation of evil and instilling a hunger for greater goodness and a strong drive to hunt evil. The desecration which empowered Sweetie gave him the power of compassion, a deadly force against the malice of the Evil world. A magic vest that provides others what I think they need to reward me or help themselves
Powered by Karma Hope Compassion Friendship
Story Every creature must choose between goodness and self loathing The seeds of goodness are found everywhere. Nothing cannot be softened by my loving presence. You can find everything you need in me.
Typical Use Hunt evil, haunt wicked people, rally others to act. Turn anything I find into an ally, aid people in self-reflection, give people the drive to hunt evil. Smite evil, make evil people reconsider their ways, help people overcome suffering, and make him so innocent that no one would ever hurt him. Possess any mundane item or any wondrous item which I could have taken if it could fit in a shoebox and I think it would help solve my friends' problems / reward me.
Treasure 1 Possess a nimblejack or the whole pack Control the actions of the Good World at a high level, or micromanage how it affects one thing Micromanage how my Aura flows into others
Treasure 2 Guide a nimblejack or the whole pack while doing something else Guide the actions of the Good World while doing something else Guide the flow of my Aura while doing something else
Treasure 3
Treasure 4 Summon my nimblejacks from the chancel to hunt something, have them trap someone into good, or scare, capture, etc. with undefined but useful consequences Summon the Good World to take, protect, and / or inspire someone in a useful way Protect myself against aggression or win the heart of someone in a vaguely defined but ultimately useful way
Treasure 5
Treasure 6
Treasure 7

Code of the Good Dog

  • Obey your master
  • Inaction is always an option, and is better than risking being a Bad Dog
  • Do not cause property damage
  • Do not bite, bark at, or scare strangers
  • Protect your master and innocents from imminent danger
  • Be a good companion to everyone, and the best companion of your master
  • There are no rules regarding speech, except if it is scary or similar to barking.

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