Teleportation (Translocation/Colocation/Jumping)

[Lesser Motion of the Self (6), Simple (-1), Self (-3), Comprehensive (-1), Uncommon (+1)], 2 CP total

A Noble with this Gift may transport himself through the first three spatial dimensions as he pleases with nothing more than a thought (and perhaps an Estate-appropriate special effect). This Gift requires the practicioner to possess at least a minimal awareness of his destination, and he may not cross through "twisted space" such as the boundaries of a closed Chancel or the Earth's atmosphere unless he also possess the Worldwalker Gift. He may still translocate as normal within the bounds of a Chancel. Whether he may teleport from point to point upon the World Ash is left to the discretion of the individual Hollyhock God.

Some Nobles possess a lesser version of this Gift which allows them to teleport to the site of some specific object, entity, or phenomenon related to their Estate. For instance, the Power of Chaos may always appear at ground zero of any natural disaster, and the Power of Water may move from any one body of standing water to any other. This version of the Gift is considered to be of Limited Use and costs only 1 CP.

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