Terra Desiderium

Locus Elaios Nanghait

A Chancel of dizzying proportion, Terra Desidirium was crafted on the shores of the Sea of the Human Unconsciousness. A vast desert, perhaps truly limitless as we can understand the term, stretches in all directions, and between the empires and sultanates, the wandering nomads and dervishes, stalk the dreams and nightmares of mankind. Dreamers wander into this realm, shaping it with their thoughts and imaginations, only to wander out and mostly forget the experience. Islands of stability form around powerful Dreamsand Djinn who rule their brothers and sisters by sacrificing parts of their own identity. Hidden within forgotten tombs and dungeons here lie all sorts of treasures collected by Elaios Nanghait over the centuries, as well as monstrous creatures protecting the most important ones.

A single road, protected by the decree of the Imperator, stretches from all directions in the desert and winds towards the central city of El Deseo. Like an oasis in the desert, El Deseo is a city of sparkling lights and fantastic dreams come true. Many of the outcast, unwanted or more modernized Dreamsand Djinn come to this haven of gambling and excess, but it is also home to Cammorans, celebrities, cultists and stranger creatures still. The entire city is a resort getaway, a famed hot-spot for world travellers across the World Ash. Accessible only by truly wanting to go there, anyone can find their way to El Deseo if they truly desire it strong enough and wander through an Earthly desert. Three days of long, thirsty journey later, they will arrive at the gates of El Deseo at the stroke of midnight. There any delight or entertainment can be found to excite the senses, but they all pale in comparison to the glories and wonders of the Cosmic Casino. There fortunes are made and lost, luminaries from across the universe relax and play, and deep underneath, at the very bottom below even where Elizabeth River holds her shadiest of deals, lies the tomb of Elaios Nanghait, where his material form rests while his spiritual atman does battle with the Excrucians in the world beyond.


-Its particulars are over the top
-You are whoever you want to be
-The grain of miracles stick with you
-The stars fall down to earth and grant wishes
-Cheaters will be caught

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