The Angel Of The Sephirot

Virrikiriel, the Angel of Sephirot

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
1 …Emanates from God
1 …Reveals the truth
1 …Manifests in all things
1 …Links the concrete to the sublime
1 …Embodies the Diovine
Persona 0 5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I prefer cold to hot(2)
Passion: I like helping people achieve their dreams (1)
Passion: I want to acquire knowledge mankind is not meant to know (1)
Skill: Blacksmith (2)
Skill: Judge (1)
Skill: Chessplayer (1)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond (2): I have wings of light that allow me to fly (but it's really hard these days)
Bond (1): I used to look really weird, but got tired of the “Fear Not” thing
Bond (2): I give my protection to cryptozoologists. And misguided people in general. And children
Bond (2): I still answer requests of the archangels (and sometimes of the demon lords too)
Affliction (3): Every weapon I forge becomes magical
Affliction (1): Every mortals feels like they've seen me before
Affliction (1): I am summoned whenever someone plays Stairway to Heaven backwards
Affliction (1): I can only use the divine might of Hod once, before needing to recharge at the Chancel


Keter (3 CP)
The power of Keter is of compassion. Keter allows oversight, and caring for every Estate. When a Noble is not caring, the one who has Keter will care
This rare gift is Estate-Driven Divination of Every Estate
(Domain 0, Automatically Activates (+1), Anywhere (+1), Handful of Effects (-2), Rare (+1)

Chokmah (3 CP)
Chokmah is the power of wisdom. It allows one to understand intuitively the things about the world. It allows the angel to realize bonds, much like a Noble can
This rare gift is The Sight of Every Estate
(Persona 0, Simple Miracle (-1), Local Area (-1), Flexible (+1), Rare (+1)

Binah (3 CP)
Binah, born from Chokmah is the power of understanding. In this case, that understanding allows one to become those things, or at least experience as they do
This rare gift is Lesser Incarnation of Every Estate
(Persona 2, Normal Miracle (-2), Anywhere (+1), Comprehensive (-1), Rare (+1)

Chesed (2 CP)
Chesed is the kindness of God. It represents his right hand, the one that shields. This Gift cannot do what a Noble does, it will not protect Estates, but it will shield those who do
This rare gift is Lesser Preservation of Someone Else
Domain 3, Simple Miracle (-1), One person nearby (-2), Flexible (+1), Rare (+1)

Gevurah (3 CP)
Gevurah is the severity of God. It is his left hand, him when he smites. It is the power to destroy, that só terrifies because it brings the Excrucians to mind. The power conferred by the Sephirot is NOT the World Breaker's Hand, but some say it is close enough to matter. It strikes at things that are physical, never at abstracts, destroying all of it, never partially. Using Gevurah is not possible if it result in a innocent being being hurt
This rare gift is Lesser Destruction of Anything Physical
Domain 5, Normal Miracle (-2), Nearby Target (-2), One trick (-3), Rare (+1)

Tiferet (3 CP)
Let there be light, and thus there was light. This is the power represented by Tiferet. Put between Chesed and Gevurah, Tiferet acts as balance between them. Tiferet alows the angel to…trim his target, taking something away and giving something else in return. Tiferet cannot only bless nor only curse, it must do both
This rare gift is Blessing or Curse of Any Estate
Persona 1, Simple Miracle (-1), Anywhere (+1), Comprehensive (-1), Rare (+1)

Netzach (1 CP)
Perseverance, trying until one makes it. This is embodied in Netzach. Using it creates an area where someone can keep trying. Where one will not falter or hesitate. Within the boundaries of the Netzach, giving up is impossible
This rare gift is Lesser Creation of Determination
Domain 4, Normal Miracle (-2), Local (-1), Comprehensive (-1), Rare (+1)

Hod (2 CP)
Hod is transforming energy into something eles. In this case, it is divine energy being transformed into physical magnificence. When using Hod, the angel can accomplish feats that will make their way into legends. That said, it has its limits, spending all the divine power into a single burst means it needs time to recover. Hod can only be used once, to use it again, the angel must retreat into the Chancel to gather divine energy
This rare gift is a miracle of Aspect 7 miracle of Skill: Hero
(Aspect 7, Hard Miracle (-3), Nearby Target (-2), Comprehensive (-1), Rare (+1)

Yesod (1 CP)
Yesod is the foundation upon which God built the World. An angel tapping into that foundation finds out that it'll answer more to him than anyone eles, every action he takes is more meaningful more important than someone else's.
This rare gift is Greater Preservation of Self
Domain 6, Normal Miracle (-2), Self Only (-3), Comprehensive (-1), Rare (+1)

Malkuth (4 CP)
The attribute of the Sephirot that does not emanate from God, Malkuth represents God's creationd, when it reflects God's power in itself. This Gift helps that reflection, elevating a piece of Gods's Creation
This rare gift is a level 6 miracle of Treasure, taking the form of sphere of light. It has the power to raise an ordinary being to miraculous power for some time
Treasure 6, Hard Miracle (-3), Local (-1), Flexible (+1) Rare (+1)


In the World Ash, Virrikiriel has a metallic humanoid form of pattern welded steel with jagged glowing crystals decorating it, a black iron faceplate covering his mouth, two small orbs of lightning for eyes and thick cables made of gold for hair. His wings seem purely decorative, and instead blue fire sprouts from the centter of his back like a jetpack when flying

On the human world he seems to mostly mirror his otherwordly appearance. He is a young man with a long blonde hair, a full black colored beard that covers his entire lower face. His eyes look too old for a young man, and the area around them is wrinkled. He dresses in old-style medieval embroidered coats over modern shirts and jeans.

Previously, Virrikiriel also had a form that fit the theme of angels as alien looking monstrosities that always contacted humans by first saying “Fear Not”. He however chooses not to use it that much anymore. In that form he was centaur-like, the lower body of a goat with a bird's feet, the head of a wolf at the end of the lower body, serving as the lower part of his torso, raising into a humanoid upper torso and arms, his arms having massive forearms with bones too large that jutted out. His head was a lion's with a crowned stag's. Only his wolf head had a mouth. From his spine, coming out of the body before the lower body and twice as long as his form was a thick tail that ended in yet another head, this one of a dragon's. Other tendrils sprouted from this tail occasionaly


Virrikiriel, back when he was an angel, was part of the Order of Retribuition. The powerful angels, that wielded swords of fire and smote the evil. However, very rarely did he had the chance to go out and enact such smiting, most oftenly he worked the forges. Virrikiriel however got too close to humans, he meddled in their affairs, stopping those who would turn wicked from becoming such by using his powers, changing things here and there. That drew too much attention. He was considered to have sung against Heaven. And cast down, out of the World Ash into Prosaic Earth

The fall destroyed him. It took him years to recover, but once he did he sought a way to return, and to do that he looked at the world itself. And in his rise, he discovered the power that emanated from the Sephirot in reverse order. He found Malkuth in one whose life he had changed. That person had protected someone eles, selflessly. An act of all the spheres. After that he felt a trickle of his powers returning. He found Yesod, in himself. In the power that his actions carried. As he felt their dharma grow more and more powerful, the meaning of everything he did increase he found that Sephirah. And his powers returned even more. He found he could call upon his wings again. As one might expect, Hod and Netzach he found while enjoying his wings again, playing the role of a hero. Saving people like someone out of a comic book. He failed so many times, but did not let that go in despair and fall again. Instead he found inner strength, to far surpass any challenge.

It was then he began to hear whispers. Whispers of voices of angels and demons. Those low in the hierarchy, seeking my help for them to rise in power or help those they guarded. He could see there the possibility of either returning to the choirs of Heaven or maybe even becoming a demon lord, He had already fallen and had in fact come to terms with it. In hearing the whispers he found Tiferet. And the whispers got louder as the more powerful angels and demons sought him. He learned of Gevurah, from Gabriel who talked and showed of destroying the wicked, and of Chesed from the fallen angels who talked and showed of loving all things human.

By then, Virrikiriel had already thrown away all ideas of becoming anything. He meditated and traveled, learning more and more of the both worlds. He had found passageways into the World Ash. He dealt with Nobles and other weird things. He found Chokmah and Binah by himself. And with all that, he found what he was looking for. Deep within every world, every reality, an echo. In that echo he heard the voice and intentions of the infinite Light. Of Cneph, possibly before he was even Cneph. In that, he found Keter. And discovered, that upon finding the ten Spheres, the powers he had crystallized into something new. In the end, he chose to distance himself from the angels and demons, and found in a certain Wild Lord, a lot of similarities to the echoes he heard in Keter. He believed that Wild Lord was the one worthy of having the Angel of Sephirot among his Nobles

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