The Cult Of The Night

Secret Masters (of the world), Illuminati-Style.
Anchors of Blake, Noble of Night
Core Ability: Manipulating Secrets
Others (Examples): Vast amount of resources (as befitting the secret masters of the world); Being Illuminati-like

Organizational Chart

The Cult of the Night, who worship the Night and all it holds, they are masters of secrecy, to the point where the power of their magic comes from the secrets they manage to keep - everyone ranked Priest or above know Cryptomancy.
Wealthy beyond compare, due to the personal attentions of Blake having ensured their material resources are always as vast as the Night (the Night is always spelled with a big-N within the group), they can be found on several places in the governments of the world.
They also offer free dental to all associates (as well as help with managing secrets that associates would rather remain hidden), and quite well-regarded education for the children of members, not to mention excellent pensions.


  • Archpriest - The primary leader of the Cult, responding solely to Blake. Any Archpriest is automatically moved to Atlantis, to the HQ of the Cult of the Night. They are the chairman of the Council of Cardinals, handling
  • Cardinals - The primary beneficiaries of having residence in the HQ of the Cult within Atlantis, they oversee the various continental branches of the Cult. Negotiations between Blake and the Power of Geography are ongoing to see if new continents can't be placed on the world; thus far, there has been minimal progress. The Cardinals come together in a Council, when there is world-spanning news going on; the Council of Cardinals, with the Archpriest taking control, was the main organized group that opposed the work of Darla, together with Tom's Miltonic Order and Tifon's Fan Club.
  • Ministers - The main handles of various regional areas, they do not often visit Atlantis, instead working on the ground, handling various groups working for the Cult. There is no official limit to how many Ministers there can be on any given continent; Oceania have the least, while Asia have the most.
  • Priests - The basic followers of the Cult, they are full members, after having spent time as a Novice. They are out in the world, and work for Blake; put simply, they are the boots on the ground of the Cult, which allows them to stay on top of things, as well as managers of local areas that have interested the Cult.
  • Novices - The newest recruits, they are all brought to Atlantis to learn what is required, how to act and also how to work secrets; their secret-workings might be crude tiny things compared to what can generally be done, but they are learning. Novices are split up according to age, and where in the teaching process they are.

Beyond this is a group known as Associates - not technically members, instead more freelancers that the Cult have taken an interest in, they are still very well treated, as there is the possibility of them becoming full members later on.
The Associates have something of their own private hierarchy, for when they need to work together (even as the Cult prefers to move events so the fewest possible amount of people are required, due to having interests all over the world), which the Cult generally takes pains to understand when Ministers or Priests need groups.
Associates are recruited from all over the world, being granted freedom from what was known about them, or whatever else they would wish that the Cult can grant, in exchange for working with the Cult of the Night; it's a very tempting offer, to a great many people.

The Library
Located within Atlantis, it's a vast source of information, this is where all the information the Cult has gets gathered, and hidden away from others.
It's far vaster on the inside than its humble appearances would make you believe, assuming you could find it.
Within this massive Library-Fortress, the Cult of the Night checks their information regularly, painstakingly keeping track of every scrap of information they have, bringing it out when it is needed and then placing it back again after it has served them.

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