The Mademoiselle On

The Mademoiselle On…

Luke - glamorous, powerful, and possessed of an easy self-assurance, Luke is essentially everything the Mademoiselle is trying to be, except he has the experience and maturity (sort of) to back it up. So. Cool. He's fun-loving and gregarious, and she's inclined to overlook or dismiss his flaws, so they get along like a house on fire. They're also rather alike in relying on other people for their self-image - given how much time the Mademoiselle has spent in his company, it's entirely possible that she's modeled herself on him in some ways.

Mafdet - if Luke is the cool older brother of the family, Mafdet is the cool older sis, for many of the same reasons. The Mademoiselle would love to earn her cat-sister's respect, but she is maybe trying a little too hard to get anything more than a kind of amused tolerance. (Which is more or less the default attitude of cats and older sisters alike.)

Kal - he seems very wrapped up in his Estate and his master merchant business, so they don't have a lot in common; the Mademoiselle prefers receiving gifts or borrowing* things to bargaining.

*Technically this is stealing. But that's such an accusatory word!

Philip - he wears a mask. She suspects what lies underneath, and it creeps the hell out of her, though she'd never admit it. If you only look at how she behaves around him, you'd think the two are very close. But if you look at how much time she spends with her various siblings, you'll notice that she never seeks out his company unless she has to.

Samar - he feels so much older that it's sometimes hard to relate, but she can sympathize with his existential doubt. The Mademoiselle finds the notion of being fictional pretty fascinating, because in a way she's trying to do exactly that: reinvent herself with stories and lies.

Inle - she's not yet sure what to make of Death's-Regal, who sounds kind of awesome but maybe also kind of terrifying. As usual, her response to uncertainty is to brazen it out and pretend she's wildly enthusiastic about her newest brother, in the hopes that it will become true. (Don't laugh! It sometimes works!)

Shekoliel - if her Familia are siblings, it stands to reason that their Imperator is a parent. Shekoliel makes a… peculiar mother figure, to say the least, but the Mademoiselle has never allowed petty concerns like 'reality' and 'plausibility' to rule her heart and she isn't about to start now.

In general, the Mademoiselle has bought into the whole family idea pretty hard. Even with Philip, she's trying her damndest to pretend he's her dearly beloved brother, partly because false bravado is how she deals with fear, but also because he's family and that's how brothers and sisters are supposed to be. Period!

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