The Power Of Dreams

Dominus Somniorum

Aspect 0 (4/5 AMPs)
Domain 1 (4/5 DMPs)
Persona 5 (5 PMPs)

  • Dreams exist only in the mind.
  • Dreams are easy to forget and hard to remember.
  • Dreams are strange.
  • Dreams are accepted at face value until they have departed. ("It is only after we've woken up that we realize things were strange.")
  • Dreams inspire.
  • Dreams reveal hidden depths, desires, and fears.
  • Dreams obfuscate themselves through symbols and metaphors.

Treasure 2 (0/5 TMPs)

Personal Destiny: 16
Project "Increase Treasure Stat" Destiny: 3

Affliction: Strange things happen around me, the effects becoming more pronounced and widespread the longer I spend in any given area. (3)
Affliction: My past, especially my mortal life, has been suffused with dream-nature, spoiling divinations but also my memories. (3)
Bond: Refuge is my favorite place to be. (2)
Bond: I hold the Sword of Nightmare with deepest respect. (2)
Affliction: I am very gradually but inexorably transforming, and into what I don't know. (2)
Bond: I always have plenty of udi handy, and am quite proficient at making them even with the normally hard-to-control miracles of sacrifice. (1)
Bond: I can't wake someone who is dreaming. (1)
Affliction: Gailamir Sueve deeply desires my animosity, and is greatly frustrated and angered by my indifference towards him. (1)
Affliction (Deadly Wound from claiming the Accords): I must obey the terms of the Accords at Babylon (and have its words written all over my skin) (4)

Skill: Magic 1
Skill: Swordfighting 2
Skill: Artist 2
Skill: Municipal Engineer 3

Dreams' Past: At one point, possibly more than one, Dreams performed a greater enchantment of Dreams on his past, especially focusing on the "easy to forget and hard to remember", the "obfuscate itself through symbols and metaphors" and the "strange" aspects. It doesn't actually block divinations, rather, it changed the thing that divinations are looking at: someone who physically tracked down his physical birth certificate, for example, would find only an elaborate spiral pattern where his name should be. This was pretty close to an act of Hubris, but technically having a dream-like past wouldn't really have hurt his chances of being enNobled as the power of Dreams. Quite the opposite, really.

Refuge: A planned community, very recently made, and of course Dreams had a hand it in. Seeding the dreams of the urban planners, architects, local lawmakers with things like occult mandalas, the dances of honey-bees, snatches of songs sung in the True Tongue of Heaven, subconsciously shaping their inspirations. It's a subtly beautiful place, a home to a great many artists and a yearly ikebana competition, but it's also gotten a little weird since it's where Dreams spends most of his "downtime".

The Sword of Nightmare: An obsidian sword whose blade reflects the viewer's worst fears. A fine example of a wondrous weapon whose true power may not yet be fully unlocked.

Gailamir Sueve: A Deceiver with the pseudo-estate "The Dreams of Gailamir Sueve". Pity those whose dreams are replaced with his: they're better than real life! How could the concerns of this world compare to those ethereal fancies? Pity a bit less, but still pity, those who become one of Gailamir Sueve's dreams: yes, they're trapped in a wondrous paradise, but they're still trapped, and made into an unreal thing, doomed to vanish when he wakes up (although dharmically important figures such as the Nobilis tend to become recurring dreams, and have opportunities to escape or be rescued.)

Gailamir believes he and the power of Dreams should, naturally, be foes, rivals, adversaries of the highest order. It greatly frustrates him that Dreams considers him no more or less of a threat than Laodice Ruff, Orderic Neustry, or any other Excrucian. Whether this indifference is calculated is a matter of some debate among those prone to speculating on such topics, but it's entirely plausible that it's not: Dreams's memory is a bit uncertain at times.

The Rose Actual: A long time ago, there was a young man, not a trained shaman but a self-taught natural prodigy in the art of dream-walking. The fact that he managed to regularly dream in the border mythic as a child was nothing impressive: in fact, most children manage the feat at least once or twice in their lives. The fact that he managed to reach the Deep Mythic by puberty was a bit more exceptional. The fact that he managed to progress to the Spirit World before becoming old and gray was practically unheard of. And the fact that he managed to get beyond that was a tragedy, because he unleashed the Rose Actual. Twining vines with iridescent-red flowers soon covered everything in his dreams: it was trapped away from the real world, but managed to use the talented mind to spread to the dreams of others: first the aforementioned psychics, shamans, and oneiromancers, and then even further into the dreams of the mildly sensitive. It took swift and coordinated action on the part of not only Dreams, but also Murder and the Infinite, to stop the Actual from spreading even further. The dreams containing it have been minted into a set of "tainted udi" which as far as Dreams knows is still in the possession of Ananda's powers. As to what happened to those mortals whose dreams hosted the Rose Actual, Dreams has chosen to forget.

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