Thomas Dylan

Mean Everything to Nothing

Thomas Dylan, Exemplar of Defiance

Aspect 5
Domain 0
Persona 3

  • Defiance renews all that it touches. (2)
  • Defiance exalts the weak. (1)
  • Defiance makes a way. (2)
  • Defiance grows stronger when suppressed.(2)

Treasure 0

The Estate of Defiance
When Lucifer fell from Heaven, the soon-to-be-Devils trailing in his wake like the tail of a comet, he took in the full ugliness of Hell and his heart rejoiced. "Truly," he said, "this place will teach us the love of all things." And his followers wallowed in its corruption, taking its substance into themselves and becoming forevermore the things they would love the most. And Lucifer looked on his followers changing, and a part of him rebelled.

"This is not for you, First-made, First-Fallen, never-abased. Your beauty is first and most perfect of all. Would you in your love of all things extinguish that in you which compels the greatest love of all?"

He looked inward and realised that this was one of his Estates, that of Defiance. He spoke to it, saying, "You are correct. And of all that is in me, it is you, the flame that would march against the sea itself, that is most deserving of preservation. Go away from me, then, and into the keeping of others, that those you empower, no matter how much they may be of Hell, may never be bound to Hell."

And with his broken sword he severed Defiance from him and he cast the Estate adrift, where it tangled in the lines of Barakiel, Heaven's Angler, who took it up and announced, "Behold the blade of my brother. Let all be tested by its edge."

Leadership 3
Melee combat 2
Rhetoric 3
Cool 4
Shine 2

Soul-Carving Switchblade ("Tribulation")
A shard of Lucifer's sword, broken during his rebellion against Heaven. It assumes a new shape to suit each wielder: for Thomas it assumes the form of a black-handled switchblade.

Toughened by endless abuse at the hands of his Familia as well as his foes, Tom has a truly phenomenal capacity for absorbing physical punishment that goes far beyond a normal Noble's capabilities.

Bond: I can redeem anything (The Song of Hell). (1)
Bond: I'm the reluctant leader of the Miltonic Order of the Iron Gauntlet (1)
Bond: I am irresistible. (5)
Affliction: I must resist oppression (1)
Affliction: I can always be where I'm most needed (1)
Affliction: My words always reach their target (1)
Affliction: I am always accompanied by my own special effects (1)
Affliction: The Power of Law is in love with me (1)
Affliction: The Power of Law hates me (1)

He wears leather jackets, jeans, and boots like a uniform. The irony of that uniformity is not lost on him. Accessories include cigarettes, motorcycles, muscle cars. He looks mad, bad, and dangerous to know.


Growing up in a bad neighbourhood was tough enough for young Tom Dill, but he proved tougher. He rose about a youth spent running with gangs and getting into close scrapes with the police to enter college, took up the study of law, in the hope that in learning the weapons of the enemy he would one day be able to use them against it. He became well-known for fiery oratory and unswerving, if occasionally parochial, ethics. He dreamed of not only lifting his family out of poverty but bringing his whole neighbourhood with him: in his own mind, he was a folk hero.

But his past came back to haunt him, as it tends to. A rival lawyer presented him with evidence of his shady past, enough of it to get him disbarred if it ever became public, with an ultimatum: help her incriminate a former gang buddy, or risk having his past exposed. For the first and only time in his life, Tom bowed his head.

Torn with self-loathing, the last straw came when the public hysteria about 'gang violence' in the wake of his former friend's trial and sentencing swept the city, and his entire block was torn down. Neighbours, childhood friends and family members cursed his name as they were evicted, their tenements condemned, as their community was broken apart and 'resettled'.

Somewhere between the eleventh storey of the apartment building he'd grown up in and the pavement, his descent was rudely interrupted by his Commencement. He picked himself up off the shattered patio, and knew he would never bend the knee again.


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