Thura Kairos

Thura Kairos, Power of Doors

Aspect 1 5 AMP 3CP
Domain 5 5 DMP 15CP
…Must statically connect two places
…Control access according to set rules
…Reveal new possibilities
…Can be stubborn
Persona 2 5 PMP 6CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: … I am a hedonist (3)
Passion: … I am emotional (2)
Passion: … I love pranks and wagers, and I sometimes do things just to see what will happen (3)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: …The consequences of my actions slowly reveal the nature of my defeat. (5)
Affliction: …I always make good on a wager (2)
Bond: …Cosmic mischief is the pastime of the gods (2)
Bond: …I will have my vengeance (2)
Bond: …I am ruled by my passions (2)
Focus Bond: …I always keep my key ring on my belt (1)


Janitor's keyring - has every key(1cp)



Life Path

Estate -
Oak – Something that hasn’t changed
Identity: An old God from the age of myth and legend, stuck in the old ways
Hollyhock – Fate in the Balance
Destiny: I am destined to destruction and it will be my own fault.
Struggles: Changing is hard. Self-doubt.
Song: ??
Contacts: various old Gods and spirits from the age of myths

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when doors start granting access arbitrarily
1 A cartoon painting of a tunnel mouth on a brick wall. So realistic!
2 Know the positions of the pins in a lock; Have a chat with a door.
3 "Good luck breaking down this door."
4 Create a trap door at the top of the bank vault.
5 Seal a portal; See the future through the keyhole
6 "No door will ever let you pass."; Indiana Jones in the refrigerator. 'Nuff said.
7 A flying city made of door jambs…
8 "You never realize how important doors are until they are all gone."
9 Swap the gates of Heavan and Hell

Persona Miracle Chart

0 "A degree in engineering will open a lot of doors for you. Exactly 123.5 doors."
1 Make someones emotions just slightly inaccessible
2 Spend time as a door or portal of some type
3 Become connected to a place or control access
4 Turn someone into a door shim. Give my computer control of network access.
5 Break the conceptual connection between the wonders of the world. These places are no longer connected; Be all the doors. Alternately, be The Doors.
6 Change someone's career to door guard. Alternately, change the name of a famous band to "The Doors"; Control all access to information
7 Turn someone's mouth into the portal between two worlds
8 "There is no such thing as a connecting flight."
9 Summon every angel; crash the gates of Hell.

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