Thursday, Part One

<HollyhockGod> It's Thursday.

<HollyhockGod> Bad things happen in Locus Raemiel on Thursdays.

<Viktor> I hate Thursdays.

<HollyhockGod> For one thing, it was built on a Thursday, while Raemiel himself was bleeding to death off the coast of England.

<HollyhockGod> That's no way to start things off when you're building a pocket reality fortress!

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<HollyhockGod> It was also a Thursday, (last Thursday), that Viktor received his Nobility from a dying predecessor, went slightly mad, and burned down Whitefriars Hall.

<HollyhockGod> (It got better.)

<HollyhockGod> Since then, he's been accepted into Raemiel's Familia (a political victory for the angel), and moved into the Chancel.

<HollyhockGod> That wasn't on a Thursday, so hopefully it's a good omen.

<HollyhockGod> And today, a coalition of eight Nobles, two each from Heaven, Hell, the Light, and the Dark, are arriving in the Chancel to greet him.

<HollyhockGod> That's not actually a bad thing yet, but I don't blame you if you're nervous.

<HollyhockGod> The tables are set.

<HollyhockGod> The windows have been washed.

<HollyhockGod> The cooks are cooking the things that mortals can cook.

<HollyhockGod> Edith just finished working on the things they can't.

<HollyhockGod> Everything looks to be ready.

<HollyhockGod> So, tell me.

<HollyhockGod> Where are you?

<Edith> Getting ready to greet our guests, silly

<Edith> I assume they'll be coming through one of our grander gateways, yes?

<HollyhockGod> Probably by boat in most cases.

<Viktor> Viktor is anti-boring-ing the view from most of the washed windows, after having made himself slightly more impressive than normal.

<Laurelynne> I am putting the finishing touches on a tragedy about the downfall of the previous Dominus Taedii.

<HollyhockGod> At last count you only have one land gate, and it isn't grand at all.

<HollyhockGod> Is the tragedy a play or a poem?

<Laurelynne> A play.

<HollyhockGod> All right.]

<HollyhockGod> Edith, more details!

<Laurelynne> A short one though, to befit the subject matter.

<HollyhockGod> Make this party memorable!

<Edith> We will have to settle for a quay, and preferably both music and a microcosm of the defence force will be in attendence

<Laurelynne> So that means I am in the Theatrum and in the body of…we'll really need a name here.

<HollyhockGod> Donna Selachii?

<Laurelynne> Sounds like Donna Shalala, so no.

<HollyhockGod> I stole Selachii from Pratchett~

<Razzen> That was supposed to be ooc. ;P

<OShuva> I recognised it

<HollyhockGod> Dona Blount?

<Edith> Teehee, sounds like blunt

<HollyhockGod> An elderly lady, long time theatrical citizen and your personal enemy.

<HollyhockGod> Overly concerned with propriety.

<HollyhockGod> Carries a pocket metronome.

<Razzen> Someone who wrote bad reviews of Laruel's work as a mortal? I like it!

<HollyhockGod> I doubt she knew you then, she's a Chancelfolk.

<HollyhockGod> But she probably hates your current work.

<Razzen> Oh, all right.

<HollyhockGod> Dirty-minded.

<HollyhockGod> Liberal!

<Razzen> Then I hate her.

<HollyhockGod> Oh, yes.

<Razzen> But even an auteur needs her critics to keep her sharp.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, you currently wear the body of an elderly lady in black with a white bun of hair.

<HollyhockGod> In fact you look a lot like Granny Weatherwax.

<Razzen> Long as it's not Mrs. Doubtfire.

<OShuva> We all have a personal foe in the Power of Slapstick

<HollyhockGod> Safe to say the two look nothing alike.

<HollyhockGod> Okay, TAP, what about you?

<HollyhockGod> TheAntiPiro? Are you awake?

<HollyhockGod> I'm so alone…

<Viktor> He's all alone…

<OShuva> I blame Gateways

<HollyhockGod> Wake up, TAP!

<Viktor> I blame Bush

<Razzen> George Bush doesn't care about Nobilis!

<HollyhockGod> He totally doesn't.

<Viktor> We should protest.

<TheAntiPiro> What about me.

<OShuva> I shouldn't have kept throwing lesser destructions of helicopters around

<HollyhockGod> It's your turn!

<Razzen> I believe he wants to know what your character is doing at the start of this.

<TheAntiPiro> Oh, Al.

<Razzen> When did we find out that our guests would be coming today anyway?

<TheAntiPiro> That's a good question.

<HollyhockGod> Prolly a day or three ago.

<HollyhockGod> Say, enNobled Thursday, Rescued Saturday, visit announced Monday.

<HollyhockGod> Now it's Thursday again.

<Viktor> Damn Thursdays. Soon they'll be happening /every week/.

<Razzen> So I'll say that yesterday Laurel spent some AMPs to make a great piece of work to, er, celebrate.

<OShuva> Oh, that reminds me

<Edith> I throw on the standard major preservation of self, 1 RMP

Apr 28 20:04:51 <HollyhockGod> Technically if it's Sorrow that's involved, you can do that with Domain.

Apr 28 20:04:56 <HollyhockGod> Okay, Edith, 1 RMP spent.

Apr 28 20:05:01 <Razzen> Oh good point.

Apr 28 20:05:18 <Razzen> Domain 4 is free, too. Apr 28 20:05:21 <HollyhockGod> You could find the spirit of Thursdays and kill it.

Apr 28 20:05:47 <Edith> I doubt Wednesdays would like that, though

Apr 28 20:05:53 <TheAntiPiro> Al probably wasn't paying attention to the day.

Apr 28 20:05:54 <Viktor> That'll be on Viktor'

Apr 28 20:05:58 <Viktor> s to-do list

Apr 28 20:06:00 <HollyhockGod> So, where is Al today?

Apr 28 20:06:03 <Razzen> Also, since Shuva brought up defenses, is Rite of Holy Fire active for Laurel?

Apr 28 20:06:06 <HollyhockGod> What's he doing for the party?

Apr 28 20:06:10 <HollyhockGod> I assume it is.

Apr 28 20:06:14 <HollyhockGod> It lasts months for here.

Apr 28 20:06:18 <HollyhockGod> *her

Apr 28 20:06:26 <Razzen> Six months, yeah.

Apr 28 20:08:05 <HollyhockGod> So, TAP?

Apr 28 20:08:17 <Laurelynne> Then I am preparing the Theatrum right now.

Apr 28 20:08:48 <TheAntiPiro> Probably shaving off his beard. It was a tough week at work?

Apr 28 20:09:41 <HollyhockGod> Was it?

Apr 28 20:09:48 <TheAntiPiro> I suppose it was.

Apr 28 20:09:58 <HollyhockGod> Oh, well. The sun reaches it's highest point.

Apr 28 20:10:10 <Razzen> Stock market collapse?

Apr 28 20:10:49 <HollyhockGod> Console launch?

Apr 28 20:11:07 <HollyhockGod> Either way, a boat pulled by a dozen sparkling swans appears on the horizon.

Apr 28 20:11:20 <Razzen> Ugh

Apr 28 20:11:24 <HollyhockGod> I think it's made out of lace and mother-of-pearl.

Apr 28 20:11:56 <HollyhockGod> Trimmed with silver. A host of tiny orb-shaped spirits hover around it.

Apr 28 20:12:14 <Edith> How humble an arrival our guests make

Apr 28 20:12:38 <HollyhockGod> Nobility is not really a game that awards points for modesty.

Apr 28 20:13:18 <HollyhockGod> As it pulls up to the dock, there's a sudden alteration in the temperature and the light as the sun bows low in honor of the arriving guests.

Apr 28 20:13:30 <HollyhockGod> Who's at the dock now, anyway?

Apr 28 20:13:53 <Viktor> If it's time to meet them, Viktor would be there, since he wasn't much preoccupied

Apr 28 20:14:24 <Edith> Me, the rod, the band, the flashy guard, and as many miracles as I can cram onto the latter

Apr 28 20:14:40 <HollyhockGod> That's a lot of miracles.

Apr 28 20:14:51 <HollyhockGod> Good.

Apr 28 20:15:05 <Viktor> Viktor'll be sucking away the most interesting bits of what's around him to make himself look more impressive

Apr 28 20:15:28 <HollyhockGod> Okay, from within the swan boat (it's actually a lot like Disney's Cinderella carriage) emerge a man and a woman, both young and white-haired.

Apr 28 20:16:06 <HollyhockGod> He's tall, broad-shouldered, and grinning; he wears a complicated white suit.

Apr 28 20:16:27 <HollyhockGod> She's also tall, very slim, and serene; likewise complicated white dress which might actually be made out of light.

Apr 28 20:16:36 <HollyhockGod> I'm pretty sure actual material doesn't fall that way.

Apr 28 20:17:14 <HollyhockGod> "Greetings," says she. "We come as Heaven's heralds to give witness on this day of new beginnings."

Apr 28 20:17:51 <HollyhockGod> The young man bows low, and introduces the lady as Fine Lockerby, Duchess of Purity.

Apr 28 20:17:57 <HollyhockGod> But you already knew that.

Apr 28 20:18:23 <Viktor> Viktor keeps respectfully quiet and lets Edith do the talking since he's not one known for his social graces.

Apr 28 20:18:41 <TheAntiPiro> On a side note, Al is busy picking out something to wear before just heading to Whitefriar's, seeing as he's already late.

Apr 28 20:18:42 <HollyhockGod> "And this," she says, indicating her companion, "is my counterpart, Rhys Bellamant, Faith's-Knight."

Apr 28 20:19:23 <HollyhockGod> "On behalf of both our Imperators, we greet you all."

Apr 28 20:20:42 <Viktor> Viktor nods politely and attempts a winning smile, and succeeds in actually producing somewhat of a faltering one.

Apr 28 20:21:49 <Edith> "Ramiel returns your heartfelt greetings and is pleased that your Imperators have seen fit to send witnesses to the inauguration celebrations of our new Power."

Apr 28 20:21:50 <Panzeh> (I'll make it in an hour, sorry about my tardiness.)

Apr 28 20:22:13 <HollyhockGod> The sun begins to return to it's normal position, but is halted as the sky begins to turn black.

Apr 28 20:23:01 <Edith> Lesser Divination of Realm, whose arriving now

Apr 28 20:23:11 <HollyhockGod> The water on the landward side begins to bubble and glisten unpleasantly as something rises from the depths.

Apr 28 20:23:16 <HollyhockGod> Divination fails.

Apr 28 20:23:49 <HollyhockGod> There is a slight hissing sound as the metal trimmings on the swan boat begins to tarnish.

Apr 28 20:24:15 <Razzen> Hell's bells.

Apr 28 20:24:19 <HollyhockGod> Without looking around, Fine twists one hand in a circle behind her back, and the corrosion drops off.

Apr 28 20:25:12 <HollyhockGod> The oncoming vehicle is a simple, black platform of oily gold, which looks to be constantly falling apart yet manages to remain the same size- Cneph help the fish.

Apr 28 20:25:28 <HollyhockGod> Standing on either side of it, neither apparently noticing the other, are two men.

Apr 28 20:25:40 <HollyhockGod> One is tall, dark, and generically foreign.

Apr 28 20:25:41 <Razzen> BTW since none of us are at least Realm's Hearts besides Edith, how are we going to communicate?

Apr 28 20:25:54 <HollyhockGod> Telephone?

Apr 28 20:26:02 <Razzen> I guess so.

Apr 28 20:26:16 <HollyhockGod> He wears glasses and a marvelously well-tailored black three-piece suit.

Apr 28 20:26:24 <HollyhockGod> He has a small goatee.

Apr 28 20:27:00 <HollyhockGod> He looks almost normal except that his fingers are all the same length.

Apr 28 20:27:07 <HollyhockGod> Including the thumbs.

Apr 28 20:27:28 <HollyhockGod> The other man is younger, possibly even younger than Rhys and Fine, but who can say?

Apr 28 20:28:24 <HollyhockGod> He wears a plain black tunic and slacks, with three tiny grey buttons, that look quite mundane, but on top of them is a long black cape that looks to be made of nothing it all.

Apr 28 20:28:42 <HollyhockGod> The edges constantly fray and tatter in some wind that isn't blowing where you are.

Apr 28 20:28:54 <HollyhockGod> In spite of this, he at least is smiling.

Apr 28 20:29:24 <HollyhockGod> Watching each other carefully, they step onto the dock at exactly the same time, and make their bow.

Apr 28 20:29:52 * Edith returns it, but once they're done

Apr 28 20:30:06 <HollyhockGod> "Doctor Savan, Marquis of Chaos." "Laud Haggard, Loss's-Regal." They introduce themselves.

Apr 28 20:30:33 <HollyhockGod> In unison, they say, "On behalf of our two Ymera, and of the First Fallen, our greetings."

Apr 28 20:30:36 * Viktor bows with Edith, if only a fraction later.

Apr 28 20:31:05 <HollyhockGod> You may as well usher them on to wherever they're going first.

Apr 28 20:31:15 <HollyhockGod> The next guest is going to need the whole dock to himself.

Apr 28 20:32:26 <HollyhockGod> What *is* first on the menu?

Apr 28 20:33:39 <Viktor> Showing them through the main hall of Whiterfriars, I would suppose.

Apr 28 20:33:52 <Viktor> displaying the wings and such of the mansion :/

Apr 28 20:34:42 <HollyhockGod> All right.

Apr 28 20:34:44 <HollyhockGod> Who's doing it?

Apr 28 20:34:48 <Razzen> I think TAP should meet them there.

Apr 28 20:34:57 <Razzen> Sorry, Al.

Apr 28 20:35:38 <Viktor> Viktor might be able to go through the duller proceedings, showing the parts of the halls since he remembers quite well what he burnt down if it hasn't changed that much.

Apr 28 20:35:58 <HollyhockGod> Heh heh heh…

Apr 28 20:36:05 <HollyhockGod> I don't mind Viktor doing it.

Apr 28 20:36:15 <HollyhockGod> So, Edith will remain at the docks?

Apr 28 20:36:38 <Edith> If all our guests are not being consolated into one group, then I must

Apr 28 20:36:55 <HollyhockGod> Anyway, the four Powers of Heaven and Hell are led away by Viktor.

Apr 28 20:37:13 <HollyhockGod> This is good because the hole that just opened up in the sky is enormous.

Apr 28 20:37:32 <HollyhockGod> It's actually slightly larger than the sun although your sun is a tiny local one.

Apr 28 20:37:46 <HollyhockGod> There also isn't supposed to be a gate up there.

Apr 28 20:38:07 * Edith splutters

Apr 28 20:38:18 <Razzen> Gatemaker?

Apr 28 20:38:24 <HollyhockGod> Then, a shape emerges from the hole, its wings flapping ponderously.

Apr 28 20:38:38 <HollyhockGod> It's a very large, scaly, and black… yes, dragon.

Apr 28 20:38:59 <HollyhockGod> Locals begin to panic in about thirty seconds, by the by.

Apr 28 20:39:17 <Viktor> Is Viktor aware of this by any means?

Apr 28 20:39:33 <HollyhockGod> You can hear screaming, so you turn around, and there it is.

Apr 28 20:39:47 <TheAntiPiro> Al leaves the Halls of Fate in time to catch people panicking, and spots the thing descending from the sky.

Apr 28 20:39:49 <Edith> Shit

Apr 28 20:39:58 <HollyhockGod> The dragon begins to drop altitude and head for the docks, apparently heading for the sound of the brass band.

Apr 28 20:40:14 <HollyhockGod> He moves faster than you'd think!

Apr 28 20:40:47 <HollyhockGod> It only takes him about thirty seconds to come to a halt and hover over the swan-boat.

Apr 28 20:41:05 <Edith> Do we have any way of getting the locals to calm down? It won't look good for the Chancel that fended off that awful attack to be seen in a state of panic

Apr 28 20:41:07 <Viktor> Viktor starts to weave a small miracle that will make most of the locals less panicked about the occurance by simply making them find it very boring.

Apr 28 20:41:18 <Razzen> You can do that with a Realm miracle.

Apr 28 20:41:26 <HollyhockGod> I like Viktor's way better.

Apr 28 20:41:39 <HollyhockGod> The locals are afflicted with a sudden fit of "been there, done that."

Apr 28 20:41:41 <Razzen> Suit yourself.

Apr 28 20:41:44 <HollyhockGod> It's only a dragon, after all.

Apr 28 20:41:51 <HollyhockGod> It actually looks pretty fake.

Apr 28 20:41:58 <Viktor> A dragon bit my sister once.

Apr 28 20:42:00 <HollyhockGod> Probably papier-mache.

Apr 28 20:42:34 <HollyhockGod> "Ancagallon is here! Ancagallon the Black! Ancagallon the Great!" roars the dragon.

Apr 28 20:43:11 <HollyhockGod> " Let it be known that I come to present the blessings of the Dark to our youngest cousin in arms! "

Apr 28 20:43:43 <HollyhockGod> He's about the size of a soccer field, and he's making all the boats shake with the beat of his wings.

Apr 28 20:44:29 <HollyhockGod> But I'm pretty sure he's not responsible for the fact that the water is starting to part like the Red Sea.

Apr 28 20:45:19 <HollyhockGod> From the edge of the Chancel boundary to the edge of the dock just beneath the great dragon, a rift is opening in the sea, exposing the bed.

Apr 28 20:45:36 <HollyhockGod> …I'm just going to bring them all in at once, because introducing all the NPCs in groups is tiresome.

Apr 28 20:46:20 <Edith> "The Chancel of Ramiel greets you, Ancagallon, and thanks you for your blessings."

Apr 28 20:46:22 <HollyhockGod> A man and a woman are walking slowly and sedately along the sea bed, which turns into a smooth carpet as they move forward.

Apr 28 20:46:59 <HollyhockGod> Some ten feet above them, an amazing bird is flying a few steps behind and keeping pace.

Apr 28 20:47:31 <HollyhockGod> The bird is not especially like any mortal bird, but is something like a cross between a peacock, a phoenix, and a tsunami.

Apr 28 20:47:40 <HollyhockGod> If you can imagine that.

Apr 28 20:47:58 <HollyhockGod> Ancagallon twists his enormous neck around, trying to see what everyone is looking at that isn't him.

Apr 28 20:48:24 <TheAntiPiro> Al should've made it to Whitefriar's hall by now while all the new guests arrive.

Apr 28 20:48:35 <HollyhockGod> He lets out an involuntary snort of flame as he recognizes the magnificent creature.

Apr 28 20:49:08 <HollyhockGod> "Ah!" he cries in his enormous bellow. "Su-Yin! Marvelous!" he says, in a voice that indicates that he doesn't mean it.

Apr 28 20:49:27 <HollyhockGod> Okay, I'll cut to Alan for now.

Apr 28 20:49:38 <HollyhockGod> So, you can meet them at the front doors?

Apr 28 20:50:33 <TheAntiPiro> More than likely, although he's rather plainly dressed and could be mistaken for a civilian.

Apr 28 20:50:43 <HollyhockGod> No, because, the Sight.

Apr 28 20:50:49 <Viktor> Viktor probably will attempt to divert the already arived guests' attention back to the details of the halls, to smooth things over.

Apr 28 20:50:50 <TheAntiPiro> Yep.

Apr 28 20:50:59 <HollyhockGod> Anyway, you plan to open the doors yourself, when you're waylaid by a disturbing sight.

Apr 28 20:51:43 <HollyhockGod> As you reach out to grasp the handles, they move away from you, morphing suddenly from two plain round handles into elegant affairs of twisted silver.

Apr 28 20:53:40 <HollyhockGod> You pause to see if anything else is going to happen, but that seems to be it.

Apr 28 20:54:00 <TheAntiPiro> Nothing too strange, but Al figures he'd best just take the back door in.

Apr 28 20:54:20 <TheAntiPiro> To make sure no one is purposely following him.

Apr 28 20:55:21 <HollyhockGod> No, you're already inside.

Apr 28 20:55:30 <HollyhockGod> You're about to open the front doors for the guests.

Apr 28 20:55:31 <TheAntiPiro> Oh, well that's convenient.

Apr 28 20:56:04 <Razzen> It's just Fine prettying up the place as she goes, I'm sure.

Apr 28 20:56:26 <TheAntiPiro> The doorway could just happen to collapse anyway, so Al figures nothing's wrong with opening the door.

Apr 28 20:56:29 <HollyhockGod> That's a good explanation.

Apr 28 20:56:45 <HollyhockGod> You fling the doors wide to reveal Viktor, Fine, Rhys, Laud, and Dr. Savan.

Apr 28 20:56:59 <HollyhockGod> They stand there for a minute and look at you.

Apr 28 20:57:39 <TheAntiPiro> There's nothing much to look at. Just a plain brown-haired fellow with short trimmed hair and a black shirt and pants. Looks like he recently shaved.

Apr 28 20:58:11 <Viktor> Viktor says "Ah, this would be Alan Amis, one of our more resident Powers. Thank you, Alan."

Apr 28 20:58:36 <HollyhockGod> The crowd moves forward, and you're engulfed in a group of demigods.

Apr 28 20:59:07 <HollyhockGod> You receive, respectively, one slap on the back, one curtsy, and two handshakes.

Apr 28 20:59:22 <HollyhockGod> A maid approaches.

Apr 28 20:59:29 <TheAntiPiro> Al merely smiles and nods to each slap, cursty, and handshake.

Apr 28 20:59:35 <Viktor> Viktor strides forward in something he hopes like a regal pose, motioning to all of the minutiae entrances in Whitefriar's hall and naming them promptly.

Apr 28 20:59:45 <HollyhockGod> She's in standard Victorian maidwear, and moves without looking up.

Apr 28 21:00:13 <HollyhockGod> "Luncheon is served in the green drawing room, and-" she says, and then there's a flicker as something changes.

Apr 28 21:01:01 <HollyhockGod> Her hair shortens into a ragged patch just above her ears, then turns green. Her uniform becomes a tube top and miniskirt. Piercings grow out of her nose and ears.

Apr 28 21:01:34 <TheAntiPiro> Al wonders what the odds are of the place collapsing in on itself, but just contents himself to stand by and watch the maid start to turn into some sort of thing. Things seem common.

Apr 28 21:01:38 <HollyhockGod> "-there was something about the turkey, but I can't be bothered to remember.

Apr 28 21:01:41 <HollyhockGod> "

Apr 28 21:01:56 <HollyhockGod> In short, your maid just turned into a punk.

Apr 28 21:02:03 * Panzeh is now known as Erwin

Apr 28 21:02:13 <HollyhockGod> Yes, where is Erwin?

Apr 28 21:02:16 <Razzen> I wonder who's been at the loom.

Apr 28 21:03:19 <Viktor> is it possible that a Major divination of Domain would provide why this thing is so interesting?

Apr 28 21:03:22 <Razzen> Which one of you is into punk?

Apr 28 21:03:28 <Erwin> I'm not sure where I am.

Apr 28 21:03:31 <Viktor> to Viktor, that is.

Apr 28 21:03:47 <HollyhockGod> Whatever is going on isn't boring, so Ennui can't tell you anything.

Apr 28 21:04:15 <HollyhockGod> Fine eyes the new version of the maid with some disdain.

Apr 28 21:04:38 <TheAntiPiro> Al isn't much for punk. Is it possible for Fortune to tell him what happened, seeing as the odds of it happening were pretty low?

Apr 28 21:04:52 <TheAntiPiro> It'd look bad on Al's resume if a guest had managed to sneak into the loom.

Apr 28 21:04:54 <HollyhockGod> Rhys and Laud give her a careful eyeing around the waist, then decide she's nothing special.

Apr 28 21:05:03 <HollyhockGod> Fortune can only reveal that it wasn't a coincidence.

Apr 28 21:05:10 <Viktor> Is it possible to make the new version boring and unnoticeable to nobles?

Apr 28 21:05:21 <Viktor> I suppose it's late to ask that, though

Apr 28 21:05:26 <HollyhockGod> You can make it really dull, but not enough to make it invisible to a Noble.

Apr 28 21:05:46 <HollyhockGod> Dr. Savan looks at his hands, and mutters, "I'm pretty sure I didn't do that."

Apr 28 21:06:00 <TheAntiPiro> Al would like to buy a vowe- make a phone call to see if anyone's been futzing with the Loom.

Apr 28 21:06:39 <Viktor> Well, I suppose Viktor attempts to make the occurrence rather dull so that as we go through the tour it becomes shuffled into the amount of boring minutiae of the hall that Viktor is currently rattling off.

Apr 28 21:06:52 <HollyhockGod> Does the Loom have attendants?

Apr 28 21:07:13 <Viktor> I think that'd be Edith's area of knowledge :/

Apr 28 21:07:34 <Razzen> Someone should mention that the changes they see are natural for this place and they should pay it no heed.

Apr 28 21:08:05 <TheAntiPiro> The changes are still inconvenient for the occasion, so Al would probably want to contact Edith with that call.

Apr 28 21:08:16 <HollyhockGod> Is there a telephone at the docks?

Apr 28 21:08:31 <Edith> I would think Edith has a mobile

Apr 28 21:08:41 <HollyhockGod> Alas, this is Victorian England, sort of.

Apr 28 21:08:42 <TheAntiPiro> Which is what Al would assumably be calling.

Apr 28 21:08:50 <HollyhockGod> Well, you can try.

Apr 28 21:08:55 <HollyhockGod> Alan runs off the to phone.

Apr 28 21:09:19 <HollyhockGod> Edith, you're still making small talk with a dragon, the Phoensa (Power of the Wave), and the Powers of Water and Anguish.

Apr 28 21:09:58 <HollyhockGod> The last two are a Steel Magnolia and an uncommunicative man who looks ill.

Apr 28 21:10:20 <HollyhockGod> The harbormaster taps your shoulder and murmurs about a phonecall in your ear.

Apr 28 21:11:37 <Razzen> Wait, wait, there's a Power of Anguish?

Apr 28 21:11:46 <Edith> "Oh, I'm every sosorry, I have a phonecall I must attend. I'll leave you in the capable care of - "

Apr 28 21:11:51 <Razzen> Conflict of Estates much?

Apr 28 21:12:15 <HollyhockGod> I didn't invent him, so don't blame me. He's more a physical pain type of guy, though.

Apr 28 21:12:26 <HollyhockGod> Thumbscrews and ebola.

Apr 28 21:12:40 <Erwin> Erwin returns from Prosaic reality to the chancel..?

Apr 28 21:12:52 <HollyhockGod> You'd better leave them with Erwin.

Apr 28 21:12:58 <Edith> Lesser creation of supervisors, outside their Auctoritas

Apr 28 21:13:07 <HollyhockGod> It's either that or leave the dragon alone with the brass band.

Apr 28 21:13:11 <HollyhockGod> He likes brass.

Apr 28 21:13:58 <Edith> " - my representative." Then I take the call.

Apr 28 21:14:21 <HollyhockGod> Alan, you're on.

Apr 28 21:14:56 <Edith> "Who is it?"

Apr 28 21:15:37 <TheAntiPiro> "Ah, Edith, this is Alan. We seem to be having one or two spontaneous changes." He pauses a moment to look around and make sure no more people or objects are turning into random 1d6 table picks. "I don't suppose any of our guests happened to visit the loom?"

Apr 28 21:16:12 <Edith> "Ugh."

Apr 28 21:16:37 <Erwin> How long do you think it would take Erwin to make it to the dock?

Apr 28 21:16:50 <HollyhockGod> Maybe you should just decide to arrive now. I don't mind.

Apr 28 21:16:57 <Erwin> Alright.

Apr 28 21:17:07 <Razzen> That's the Chancel entrance after all.

Apr 28 21:17:49 <Edith> Lesser divinatation, since it's level 2, I can throw on penetration 3 without it costing RMP, right?

Apr 28 21:17:55 <HollyhockGod> Edith, a divination reports activity on the Loom from three to five yesterday (Alan was scheduled), seven to one (Viktor), and….

Apr 28 21:18:00 <HollyhockGod> someone's there right now.

Apr 28 21:18:07 <Erwin> "Did I miss something?"

Apr 28 21:18:23 <Edith> "A bit, yes."

Apr 28 21:18:27 <HollyhockGod> Someone your miracle can't reveal.

Apr 28 21:18:41 <Edith> Fuckshit

Apr 28 21:19:10 <HollyhockGod> Even as we speak new threads are being spooled into the pattern.

Apr 28 21:19:14 <Edith> Lesser creation of pathways, make one that goes to the loomroom

Apr 28 21:19:24 <TheAntiPiro> Al starts to grow impatient on the other end of the line.

Apr 28 21:19:24 <Edith> QUICKLY

Apr 28 21:19:34 <Edith> "I can't see it!"

Apr 28 21:19:34 <HollyhockGod> Like, a mystic gateway?

Apr 28 21:19:47 <HollyhockGod> That probably wants a Change.

Apr 28 21:19:58 <HollyhockGod> Can the guests see you?

Apr 28 21:20:06 <HollyhockGod> I guess you've gone into the boathouse.

Apr 28 21:20:18 <TheAntiPiro> "That's not good. Should I head up there?"

Apr 28 21:20:42 <Edith> "No, leave it for a while."

Apr 28 21:20:47 <Erwin> "Who's on the loom?"

Apr 28 21:20:49 <HollyhockGod> Do you want to spend an RMP?

Apr 28 21:20:58 <HollyhockGod> You can make a gate or just teleport yourself there that way.

Apr 28 21:21:07 <Razzen> Do we keep any reflective surfaces in the Halls of Fate btw?

Apr 28 21:21:18 <Edith> Oh, would teleporting cost less?

Apr 28 21:21:19 <HollyhockGod> Would Laurelynne have put one there?

Apr 28 21:21:24 <HollyhockGod> No, the same.

Apr 28 21:21:26 <Razzen> I'm sure she would have.

Apr 28 21:21:28 <HollyhockGod> They're both changes.

Apr 28 21:21:30 <HollyhockGod> Then yes.

Apr 28 21:21:36 <HollyhockGod> If someone tells you about the situation.

Apr 28 21:21:41 <Razzen> Right.

Apr 28 21:21:52 <HollyhockGod> It just depends on if you want anyone to be able to follow you.

Apr 28 21:22:23 <HollyhockGod> Not really that important.

Apr 28 21:22:45 <Edith> I'll go with the gate

Apr 28 21:23:08 <Edith> If whoever there's bolts, Erwin's here

Apr 28 21:23:34 <HollyhockGod> A gateway emerges from the ground, a giant arch of gold with cherubs adorning it.

Apr 28 21:23:50 <HollyhockGod> You jump through and into the central chamber of the Halls of Fate.

Apr 28 21:23:58 <HollyhockGod> It's white marble, open to the stars.

Apr 28 21:24:06 <HollyhockGod> The Great Loom is visible above you.

Apr 28 21:24:24 <HollyhockGod> The six Lesser Looms form a circle around the central mosaic.

Apr 28 21:24:40 <HollyhockGod> Someone is sitting at the western loom.

Apr 28 21:25:04 <Edith> Forget even trying to look at them normally, Aspect 0 all the way

Apr 28 21:25:14 <HollyhockGod> It's a vague and indistinct image of a young man, in jeans and a white T-shirt, with a blond ponytail.

Apr 28 21:25:26 <HollyhockGod> A cloud of glowing orbs is buzzing around him.

Apr 28 21:25:44 <HollyhockGod> Then he's swallowed up by a cloud of static for a few seconds.

Apr 28 21:26:02 <HollyhockGod> When he reappears, he's dressed like a cowboy.

Apr 28 21:26:30 <HollyhockGod> He hears the sound of your feet on the marble, and jumps up.

Apr 28 21:26:36 <Edith> "Who in the Creation's name are you?"

Apr 28 21:26:54 <Edith> *Creator's

Apr 28 21:26:59 <HollyhockGod> He looks ready to fight for a second, and fuzzes out again, reappearing again in karate pants with no shirt.

Apr 28 21:27:22 <HollyhockGod> He opens his mouth to speak, but what comes out is a terrible drone like a thousand voices shouting different things at once.

Apr 28 21:27:47 <Erwin> Well if only Erwin were there.

Apr 28 21:27:47 <HollyhockGod> Then the image of the boy breaks up altogether into the cloud of orbs which begins to fall through the floor.

Apr 28 21:27:54 <Erwin> Or not.

Apr 28 21:28:07 <HollyhockGod> Erwin is keeping the dragon and the big bird occupied.

Apr 28 21:28:16 <HollyhockGod> They're both indirectly insulting each other.

Apr 28 21:28:41 <HollyhockGod> "Ancagallon, every time I see you, you've become yet more grand and imposing."

Apr 28 21:28:58 <Viktor> Viktor is trying to smooth over the transforming made by boring the visitors to death, currently.

Apr 28 21:29:03 <Viktor> maid*

Apr 28 21:29:12 <HollyhockGod> "Su-Yin, every year the slant in your eyes betrays more wisdom."

Apr 28 21:29:39 <HollyhockGod> Anna Beauregarde, Power of Water, is just letting them go on, and laughing.

Apr 28 21:29:42 <HollyhockGod> Edith, your action?

Apr 28 21:30:38 <Razzen> I know I'm not there, but did the Sight reveal anything for Edith?

Apr 28 21:30:50 * Razzen eyes the clock with trepidation

Apr 28 21:31:26 <Edith> Are the orbs insubstantial?

Apr 28 21:31:47 <HollyhockGod> Sight says he isn't mortal but isn't sure beyond that.

Apr 28 21:31:52 <HollyhockGod> The orbs are some form of energy.

Apr 28 21:31:56 <Razzen> Uh oh.

Apr 28 21:31:56 <HollyhockGod> Yes, insubstantial.

Apr 28 21:32:19 <HollyhockGod> As you can see, it can't decide on a shape for itself.

Apr 28 21:32:26 <Erwin> "Su-Yin, what's got you worked up about Anca..gallon is it?"

Apr 28 21:33:13 <Razzen> I'm sorry but this is taking too long for me, I really have to go.

Apr 28 21:33:22 <HollyhockGod> "I have only the greatest respect for my very great cousin."

Apr 28 21:33:26 <HollyhockGod> Really? That's too bad.

Apr 28 21:33:27 <Edith> Shit, lesser destruction of flooring, if he's going down so am I

Apr 28 21:33:40 <HollyhockGod> We can finish tomorrow, I guess.

Apr 28 21:33:50 <HollyhockGod> To be fair, you haven't even gotten to act yet.

Apr 28 21:33:52 <Razzen> Nah, don't do that.

Apr 28 21:33:56 <Razzen> That's the thing.

Apr 28 21:34:05 <HollyhockGod> We'll just finish this part and then end the session.

Apr 28 21:34:12 <HollyhockGod> So you can go whenever.

Apr 28 21:34:13 <Razzen> You guys are doing stuff, so carry on and I'll read logs or something.

Apr 28 21:34:16 <HollyhockGod> I'll keep the logs for you.

Apr 28 21:34:22 <Razzen> Thanks.

Apr 28 21:34:26 <HollyhockGod> Edith, how much floor are you breaking?

Apr 28 21:34:31 * Laurelynne has quit () Apr 28 21:34:37 * Razzen has quit ()

Apr 28 21:34:51 <Edith> Um, three feet around me, just enough for me to drop down to wherever it's going to

Apr 28 21:35:12 <HollyhockGod> You fall through the hole in the floor and begin to plummet towards Whitefriars Hall.

Apr 28 21:35:23 <HollyhockGod> Care for a lesser preservation so you don't outpace it?

Apr 28 21:35:47 <Edith> If you would

Apr 28 21:36:10 <HollyhockGod> The orb cloud is dropping down and beginning to disperse into the air.

Apr 28 21:36:17 <HollyhockGod> I think it's going to wink out entirely.

Apr 28 21:37:03 <Edith> Can I preserve one of the orbs with a miracle? Just so I have something to poke at after

Apr 28 21:37:19 <Edith> This thing has a Spirit higher than 3 though

Apr 28 21:37:47 <TheAntiPiro> Is this visible from the Whitefriar's hall?

Apr 28 21:38:06 <HollyhockGod> Probably not.

Apr 28 21:38:14 <HollyhockGod> Not necessarily.

Apr 28 21:38:23 <HollyhockGod> Your divination failed, but you can't divine it directly, it would seem.

Apr 28 21:38:27 <HollyhockGod> Just like a Noble.

Apr 28 21:38:36 <HollyhockGod> You can detect it's presence but not its nature.

Apr 28 21:39:48 <Edith> Okay, throw a lesser preservation at one of the orbs, penetration 2, try and preserve whatever it's got

Apr 28 21:40:08 <HollyhockGod> Okay, you pop a pink bubble around one of the orbs, stopping it in midair and holding it inside

Apr 28 21:40:20 <HollyhockGod> It floats obediently into your hand as you fall.

Apr 28 21:40:24 <HollyhockGod> You're about to go down the chimney.

Apr 28 21:40:38 <Edith> That won't do at all!

Apr 28 21:40:52 <Edith> I aim for the roof and then a lesser creation of doors

Apr 28 21:41:26 <HollyhockGod> I liked the chimney plan better, but okay.

Apr 28 21:41:31 <HollyhockGod> I mean, you are supposed to be infantile.

Apr 28 21:42:16 <HollyhockGod> You open a miraculous sunroof as you fall through the ceiling, landing gently in the ballroom, narrowly missing Fine's glass of milk with your high heel.

Apr 28 21:42:24 <HollyhockGod> You're standing on the table.

Apr 28 21:43:00 <Edith> Say "What?" if anyone's curious

Apr 28 21:43:13 <TheAntiPiro> Al has been pacing about, and notices Edith dropping in.

Apr 28 21:43:28 <Edith> Off the table and over to him we go

Apr 28 21:43:47 <Erwin> Erwin's having an intellectual conversation with a dragon and a bird.. I think.

Apr 28 21:43:59 <Erwin> Or trying, anyway. Apr 28 21:44:09 <HollyhockGod> Rhys says "I'm glad you could drop in," and throws a toast in your direction with his beer.

Apr 28 21:44:17 <HollyhockGod> I guess Erwin is leading the other guests in.

Apr 28 21:44:28 <HollyhockGod> Oh, and the house is changing shape.

Apr 28 21:44:29 <Erwin> I suppose that makes sense.

Apr 28 21:45:10 <HollyhockGod> Not long ago, it was a Victorian Gothic mansion, but the doors are slowly widening, the bricks are turning red, and the windows are enlarging.

Apr 28 21:45:38 <Erwin> "This place is getting better by the minute."

Apr 28 21:46:07 <TheAntiPiro> "So what was it?" Al inquires unto Edith. He seems rather aggitated by the changing environment.

Apr 28 21:46:10 <HollyhockGod> The electric lights begin to brighten, and a portrait of Captain Roger Anthwistle turns into one of John Lennon.

Apr 28 21:46:22 <Edith> "This. Whatever 'this' is."

Apr 28 21:46:36 <Edith> Show him the orb.

Apr 28 21:46:44 <Edith> "Or one of these, at any rate."

Apr 28 21:46:46 <HollyhockGod> The piano player suffers an existential crisis, and lets himself go.

Apr 28 21:46:54 <Erwin> Erwin heads in Edith's direction to see what's going on.

Apr 28 21:47:18 <HollyhockGod> In fact, he lets himself go so badly that his hair grows long and unwashed, and his suit rips into tattered green.

Apr 28 21:47:30 <Edith> "For fuck's sake, I chased it out, what more does it want?"

Apr 28 21:47:44 <HollyhockGod> He changes from one of Laurelynne's pieces into "That Old-Time Rock and Roll".

Apr 28 21:47:56 <Erwin> "You know, I like it better than what Viktor does.

Apr 28 21:47:58 <Erwin> "

Apr 28 21:48:06 <HollyhockGod> Yes, but what's next?

Apr 28 21:48:23 <Viktor> Viktor scoffs at Erwin, smiling slightly.

Apr 28 21:48:39 <HollyhockGod> Who knows how many new threads were worked into the Loom by that thing?

Apr 28 21:49:19 <Erwin> Good point.

Apr 28 21:49:39 <Viktor> "This is mildly worrisome. Shall I go back to work through the boring details of making the threads right again?"

Apr 28 21:50:15 <HollyhockGod> It's much harder to get threads out than to weave them in.

Apr 28 21:50:16 <Edith> "Yeah, you'd better go check on the place in detail."

Apr 28 21:50:18 <Erwin> "Somebody else, PLEASE.."

Apr 28 21:50:27 <HollyhockGod> You might have to deconstruct things a bit to take them out.

Apr 28 21:50:46 <Erwin> I suppose if you yank out a thread the whole thing might go up.

Apr 28 21:50:54 <HollyhockGod> You could probably use preservation to enforce local order for a while.

Apr 28 21:51:17 <Viktor> Viktor can go back and work through it while Edith keeps everything steady

Apr 28 21:51:42 <Edith> Will lesser preservation cut it?

Apr 28 21:51:48 <TheAntiPiro> Al is feeling antsy enough to go along with Viktor and help supervise the process, unless it really is best to let one person go at it.

Apr 28 21:52:22 <TheAntiPiro> As a matter of fact, this is supposed to be a party on Viktor's behalf, so it might be better for Al to go take care of things?

Apr 28 21:52:26 <HollyhockGod> For an hour or two.

Apr 28 21:52:33 <Erwin> "What would be wrong with me working the loom?"

Apr 28 21:52:34 <HollyhockGod> I think Alan is right.

Apr 28 21:52:54 <HollyhockGod> It's your party, so you can't cry, even if you want to.

Apr 28 21:53:02 <Viktor> I guess Viktor can go back to leading the visitors around and smooth over any of the more interesting changes with a few lesser creations.

Apr 28 21:53:04 <HollyhockGod> Care to examine the thing you caught?

Apr 28 21:53:27 <Edith> Somebody go, lesser preservation and I thought you'd never ask

Apr 28 21:54:23 <TheAntiPiro> Alan elects himself to go since it's been a while, but not before asking Edith what it was she caught.

Apr 28 21:54:35 <HollyhockGod> It seems familiar, in a couple of ways.

Apr 28 21:54:42 <Viktor> Viktor goes back to leading the visitors, keeping an aura of boring radiating to all of the problematic changes and making the more normal bits interesting with lesser destructions.

Apr 28 21:54:50 <HollyhockGod> For one thing, it seems to be at least partially a creature of your Estate.

Apr 28 21:55:34 <HollyhockGod> Rhys, who seems sympathetic to your plight, begins a long story about male enhancement, hoping to distract the room for you.

Apr 28 21:56:03 <HollyhockGod> As far as Edith can tell, it's a spirit of dreams and hopes. But it's full of other junk.

Apr 28 21:56:11 <HollyhockGod> Lots of bad mojo and dark energy.

Apr 28 21:56:18 <HollyhockGod> Like the stuff at the bottom of the Well.

Apr 28 21:56:37 <HollyhockGod> It's ramming against the walls of the orb, trying to escape.

Apr 28 21:56:44 <HollyhockGod> It's about as angry as a little ball of light can be.

Apr 28 21:57:31 <Erwin> Erwin sort of stands around trying to be intimidating.

Apr 28 21:58:09 <HollyhockGod> Something occurs to you about the face of the boy you saw in it.

Apr 28 21:58:12 <HollyhockGod> He seems familiar.

Apr 28 21:58:18 <OShuva> How so?

Apr 28 21:58:30 <HollyhockGod> In fact, he's the boy who polishes the boots and knives.

Apr 28 21:59:00 <Edith> Divinations on him and the well

Apr 28 21:59:37 <HollyhockGod> He's in the kitchen, polishing knives.

Apr 28 21:59:37 <Edith> I don't think it'll turn up much, but it's not going to cost anything

Apr 28 21:59:44 <HollyhockGod> The Well is situation normal.

Apr 28 22:02:13 <Edith> I'm torn between seeing him and attending our guests, the immediate trouble's over

Apr 28 22:02:23 <Edith> It doesn't seem to be /him/ him at any rate

Apr 28 22:02:44 <Erwin> You know, I could go and check the kitchen. Nobody went to the party for me.

Apr 28 22:03:06 <Edith> Please do

Apr 28 22:03:35 <HollyhockGod> You go to the kitchen.

Apr 28 22:03:37 <Erwin> Alright, Erwin casually heads to the kitchen.

Apr 28 22:03:46 <HollyhockGod> As I said, he's polishing knives and looking bored.

<HollyhockGod> I think his name is Brent.

<HollyhockGod> No evil clouds of orbs or anything.

<Erwin> "So Brent, how are you doing?"

<HollyhockGod> "Very well, sir," he says, suddenly polite in the presence of a social superior.

<Erwin> Erwin nods. "You wanna see something cool?"

<HollyhockGod> "As you wish, sir."

<Erwin> Is there a clock or something in the room?

<HollyhockGod> Sure, why not?

<Erwin> Alright, well, I don't suppose throwing a perfect bullseye with the knife would take any AMPs?

<HollyhockGod> Nope.

<HollyhockGod> Clock is wasted.

<HollyhockGod> Brent watches you with suddenly shining eyes, knives and boots forgotten.

<HollyhockGod> Applause.

<Erwin> "I can teach you how to do that.. after the party. Just tell me if you see anything strange."

<HollyhockGod> "Yessir. Absolutely, sir!"

<Erwin> Erwin heads back to Edith.

<Edith> How are the guests and I doing?

<HollyhockGod> Rhys is singing a drinking song while standing on top of Ancagallon's tail.

<HollyhockGod> Su-Yin has shrunk down to human size and perched on the mantlepiece in front of John Lennon.

<TheAntiPiro> Al is off trying to fix things, or at least keep them from changing even further.

<TheAntiPiro> It's going to be another busy week.

<HollyhockGod> I think Edith is trying to make conversation.

<Edith> Oh yes

<HollyhockGod> Feel free to fill in with whatever you're talking about while I work with Alan.

<Viktor> Viktor is speaking without saying anything worthwhile at all.

<HollyhockGod> Alan, the Loom has all kinds of weird threads that have been spooled into it.

<Erwin> Erwin taps Edith on the shoulder to tell her that the kid's fine.

<HollyhockGod> Luckily, you're a master with the Loom, so you have as good an idea as anybody of what's going on.

<HollyhockGod> Whatever creature came in here, in Brent's likeness, fed a bunch of threads into the loom that it apparently got out of Brent's head.

<Edith> "I thought so. It's not /him/, it's the aspirations. They got mixed with the bad stuff, somehow."

<HollyhockGod> You aren't here!

<Edith> I was replying to Erwin

<HollyhockGod> Anyway, it's mostly stuff he seems to have heard about that's in the outside world.

<HollyhockGod> He wishes he could be a cowboy, or a rock star, or a kung fu master with rock-hard abs.

<HollyhockGod> Not that he exactly understands what those things are.

<HollyhockGod> Culture shock.

<HollyhockGod> So a bunch of threads have entered into the Loom that turn the world into various modern things that he's heard of.

<HollyhockGod> But more or less helter-skelter.

<HollyhockGod> It'll take days to work them all out without breaking anything.

<Viktor> hah, helter-skelter

<TheAntiPiro> Which is a depressing sight. Maybe he should've had Viktor do it after all.

<Viktor> Well, he'd be more or less "meh" with doing it, but it turns out his player needs to go soonly

<HollyhockGod> I guess we can end the session now.

<Viktor> Sorry

<Viktor> Gotta go then

<HollyhockGod> We've got the big problems introduced.

<Viktor> Bye.

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