Tifon Leer

Mean Everything to Nothing

Tifon Leer, Power of Society

Aspect 1
Domain 0
Persona 5
• Societies encircle groups of things. (2)
• Societies protect their members from outsiders. (2)
• Societies demand a cost in exchange for that protection. (1)
• Societies enforce social norms and roles. (1)
• Societies resist changes to the status quo. (1)
Treasure 0

• L'Affinité du Vide: Greater Emulation of Black Holes (6), Full Flexibility (+1), Rare (+1), Local (-1), Simple (-1)
Tifon Leer can invoke his past life - the Typhon 4913 black hole of the Aries Cluster. It's quite the party trick. Deep within his soul this void still rages.

• Immutable

Properties of the Black Hole Estate
• Black Holes are infinite. (2)
• Black Holes pull anything within reach. (2)
• Black Holes breach the boundaries of space and time. (1)
• Black Holes cannot be left in the manner they are entered. (1)
• Black Holes bear the weight of galaxies. (1)

Passion: I am a lover, not a fighter (2)
Passion: Life is worth living, even in agony. (1)
Skill: Cool (5)
Skill: Shine (5)
Skill: Archiving (1)
Skill: Cooking (0)
Skill: Bartending (0)

Bond: I am always welcome. (5)
Bond: I will find a way to entertain myself. (2)
Bond: I bite off more than I can chew. (1)
Bond: My fan club is a mystery cult. (1)
Bond: My Cammora handler is an Anchor. (1)
Bond: The society beast of the Nobilis is a demanding Anchor. (1)
Affliction: Wyrm-blooded. (1)
Affliction: Everyone knows who I am. (1)




Tifon Leer was handcrafted from the heart of a collapsed star, a black hole - as mortal scholars would have it. Beneath the veils of myth down to the battlefields of the Spirit World the story is told as such: The Great Wyrm of Harumaph was in all manners a terrible beast, a product of Strategist experimentation to engineer a way to bypass the defenses of Earth. This creature was unleashed upon the Spirit World where it raged and fought against all involved in the war. As it torn holes through the barriers between Earth and beyond the Wyrm entangled itself within its own network as a lone Imperator baited it. With the beast captured it was slain outright by the god and its body was carved up to seal the breaches it had caused. While the tunnels were secured spiritually, on the physical end they became grand anomalies in the fabric of space and time. Tifon's Imperator decided to test a theory that the anomalies could be secured on the Earth end by shaping them into human souls - the first and only attempt produced Mr. Leer.

Since his creation Tifon has taken the world by storm through his overwhelming personality and a zest for his new life. He's been there, he's done that, and still maintains a laundry list of things to do while Creation lasts. His presence alone ensures that he's on the guest list for any party. A few years back he was Time Magazine's Man of the Year for crashing a G-20 Summit after-party and setting off a chain of events that led to decommissioning a nuclear satellite program. For Tifon's direct actions as a Noble, the Cammora were tasked with keeping his intrusions to a minimum since they couldn't kill him - after they found an agent that wasn't seduced, lost in Mythic Prague, burned up re-entering from orbit, or devoured by a cultist fan club the Cammora had figured out that he was legitimately immortal all along. He remains famous and his grace allows his faux pas to become trends. Vacationing in Hawaii, he spilled a drink on himself while checking his watch; soon pouring drinks on oneself became the new way of checking your watch on the islands.

Mr. Leer now keeps his matters to slightly more private affairs and works alongside his Familia. He's taken the time to start reflecting on his Estate and he sees an opportunity to improve the state of it. Tofin is sincere in his efforts but often reckless in how he pursues it. He will, from time to time, sneak off on rogue adventures or try to goad a fellow Power into some new 'life experience'. Mortals, who were always alive, fascinate him and he will gladly take the time to meet strangers he finds interesting.



Ira Asaroc, Queen of the Tifon-Leer Fanclub and Mystery Cult
SchwarzChild, Tifon's traveling band
Arnell Maxim, distant relative to Hiram Maxim and Tifon's personal phone engineer/doctor

Inspiration behind Tifon's celestial watch (Prague Astronomical Clock):

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