Treasure Miracles Of Blake

Anchor: Cult of the Night
The Cult of the Night is a world-spanning mystery cult, dedicated to Blake, which he uses to subtly guide things towards his own vision of the world; it also allows him to keep tabs on anything, on a world-wide scale, even when his Night is not there at the world.
The Cult is a Wondrous Anchor.

Level 0: The Cult of the Night doesn't have any upkeep costs at all, associated with it - the connection between Blake and the Cult allows it to provide everything for its members, from food to mundane jobs to apartments in good neighborhoods and more. Furthermore, the Cult of the Night is the best of its kind, able to easily match up against any other secret cult of the world (and there are surprisingly many of them!). Any action Blake takes while interacting with or otherwise commanding the Cult of the Night add +3 "miraculous Will", instead of his normal willpower.
Finally, the Cult of the Night can mentally communicate directly with Blake.

Level 1: Blake can shift his consciousness, into certain members of the Cult of the Night.
Setting this up allows Blake to act outside the normal range of Miracles, but doing so forges a mystical link between him and the parts he's possessed.
As a special note, before Blake can do this, he needs to spend time familiarizing himself with a specific part of the Cult of the Night.

Level 2: Blake can invoke the Cult of the Night as an extension of himself. He will share his Anchors senses, if it has them, but he can still act with his own body. His guidance gives either him or the Anchor a small Edge (1, with everything else being equal), and adds +1 to the value of the Tool, that the Cult represents, for Blake.
If he uses this Miracle beyond the standard range, he also sets up a mystical link.
As a special note, before Blake can do this, he needs to familiarize himself with a specific part of the Cult of the Night.

Level 3: Blake can activate the secrecy.manipulating power of the Cult, as well as the miraculously-maintained source of wealth that the Cult has available; this just activates the power - to wield it, you'd need either a Mundane or Aspect action; using the Cult's secrets gains either a 3-point Edge, or ignores any disadvantage, whichever is better; Blake adds +1 to the Tool value, which does not stack with the Level 2 Miracle.

Level 4: The Cult does something to help Blake, on its own - either manipulating a regional market to force Cammora speculators out of the area, or twisting secrets to shut down news about a major event having happened, while news agencies would instead focus on news about the local charity that needs donations, or they could all unite together to sing the praise of someone, healing emotional wounds.

Level 4: Blake can get in contact with his Cult anywhere within a roughly Chancel-sized area.

Level 5: Blake empowers his Cult with Miraculous force, making his attacks with it level 5 Miracles. The Cult can also be used to manipulate the secrets of the forces of nature, convincing them to stay away from a place; maybe light doesn't want to shine, somewhere, or maybe War is nervous of arriving in a place of serene peace, that the Cult has established.

Level 6: Blake can use the Cult to perform outright Miracles, regarding secret world-spanning cults with interests everywhere in the world.

Level 6: Blake can command the Cult to change the world, in basically any possible way imagined; but it might take longer than he'd like, for certain things that would not be easily solved with having a world-spanning mystery cult working on it.

Level 7: Blake can instantly gain access to his Cult, even should he be on another world, their secrecy allowing them to walk the land of secrets to reach him, should he call for them. They can also use their command over secrets, on their own initiative, to twist the world.

Level 8: Blake channels the essence of his being through the workings of his Cult, unleashing a dual-Miracle that combines the fullness of what he is - world-shaking might and arrogance, delight in old tales and desire to prevent the evils told there from continuing, combined with care for those working and a desire to avoid his past - with the glory of his Estate, and the nature of his Mystery Cult.
The exact effects of this Miracle is ambiguous, but the miracle should always alter the situation into his own favor, even with other miraculous and imperial forces in play.

Level 9: Blake elevates his mystery cult, and through it speaks a truth unto the cosmos itself. The miracle must be sustained for an arbitrary amount of time, before the effects can start taking place; though, should he desire to not speak the words, he can stop the miracle, and he will regain all MP from the Miracle.

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