Cosimo Merovech

Cosimo Merovech, the Madness Salesman

(with apologies to Myths Retold)

This is the Warmain whose test is the fruit of knowledge. He will offer to sell you a madness on an installment plan - a madness plucked at great price from the Lands Beyond Creation - the kind of madness that paints achingly beautiful art, or discovers a panacea. He will offer to sell you a madness that is the seed of genius, with the final payment of your sanity not due for seven whole years.

Most break before the seven years are up. Most people burn up their sanity far too quickly, becoming completely dysfunctional before they can bring their vision to fruition. These, Cosimo leaves to their self-inflicted ruin; it is only those who learn to ride the wave of madness, those who suceed at implementing the jewels of the Lands Beyond in world and sound, to whom he returns in seven years, to slay them and slay their enlightenment and slay their great work and take them back with him into the Not.

Cosimo is unusual among Warmains in that he works based on contracts and deals - you always have a choice to turn down his offer. He seems to be working under some constraint, some limitation due to which he can't afford to administer his test to people who aren't likely to give it their all.

Cosimo's traits include:

Domain 4: Genius

  • Genius enlightens with a unique enlightenment. (3)
  • Genius burns sanity as fuel. (3)
  • Genius is transformative. (1)

Bond: My little black book of leads directs me to potential clients and keeps track of current ones. (2)
Bond: Keep moving, live fast, die hard. (3)
Bond: I affect the trappings of a door-to-door salesman. (1)

Affliction: People recognize me in the eyes of my clients. (1)
Affliction: I must maintain a steady income, lest my debts for obtaining my wares catch up with me. (3)

Active Immortality
Unblemished Guise
Knowing the Soul's Hunger (Greater Divination of Potential, Automatic, One Target, Limited, Uncommon) - Cosimo uses this Gift to determine whether a potential client has the drive necessary to succeed at his test, and if so, which of his seeds of genius is most likely to flourish in their mind.

Domain Miracle Chart:
0: Recognize modal threats to his ability to enlighten.
1: Give someone a fey impulse or eccentric inspiration, which comes to little and quickly fades.
2: Understand the method to a person's madness. Nudge a person consumed by a singular vision towards a certain end.
3: Make a person more devoted to their magnum opus - make it drive them more strongly.
4: Craft a unique seed of genius and plant it in the heart of a client.
5: Rip the spark of mad science from Leonardo da Vinci or Willy Wonka. Understand the singular vision of a Lightlord.
6: Transfer one person's mad enlightenment to another host. Make a person's genius flare up - stoking both its enlightenment and its toll on their sanity.
7: Inspire a madness that acts on the miraculous scale.
8: Make a Wildlord abandon its theory of itself.
9: ???????

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