Witch's Charm

[Aspect 9 miracle, limited use (-2), normal miracle (-2), self only (-3), uncommon (+1), 3 CP total]

The Power of Candles, who considers herself the primary keeper of the secrets of Earthly magic, has a spellcasting ability that surpasses any mortal mage. With the expenditure of an SMP, she may perform some feat of spellcraft as though she had enhanced her capabilities with an Aspect 8 miracle. Such spells can accomplish anything that is within the boundaries of the most expensive, futuristic science or of any magic short of true floral miracles.

This Gift enhances its user's ability to understand, invent, supply power to, and cast spells, but does not provide the physical enhancements that may be necessary to prepare the ritual components of truly epic spells. For instance, she can invent a piece of thaumaturgy that will turn everyone in London into a frog, but might require assistance in drawing a ritual circle around the city before she can incant it.

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